Top 10 Free Responsive & Grid Photography WordPress Themes

After a huge struggle and browsing on the internet we come up with the selective collection of top 10 wordpress photography themes which are grid based like pinterest. Furthermore, these photography themes are responsive and free to use.

You might be searching for the photography themes on the internet but could not find the expected results. Because, most of the photographers either like grid based themes or full-screen themes to showcase their work. I myself was searching for the wordpress photography themes but could not find the results which I was looking for. That’s why I thought to create a post that should contain the collection of themes suiting best for creative photographers.

Following are the top 10 free responsive photography wordpress themes:

1. Gridsby – Free Grid Theme:

If you are really looking for the grid based photography theme then it is the best one to showcase your shots. Gridspy is a grid theme with four column layout and comes with a responsive design.

Demo | Download


2. Boardwalk

Boardwalk is the brilliant wordpress official theme. It consists of the horizontal scrolling effect to showcase your beautiful photography shots. The horizontal scrolling attracts the visitors and is a new way to present your work.

Demo / Download


3. Divina:

Divina is the one of the best photography themes for wordpress. A modern and simple wordpress theme for photographers to showcase their creative shots in a grid style blog. Moreover, the dark background adds icing on the cake enabling readers to focus more on the photos and shots displayed on the blog.

It is responsive and fits well on every device whether it is desktop, mobile or tablet. The readability is flourished with fonts which are slim, lightweight and also professional.

Demo | (Theme crashes: waiting for update)


4. Adirondack – Free Photography WordPress Theme:

A neat and clean WordPress theme to display your shots. This is one of the top photography themes for WordPress. A Jetpack plugin is necessary to make your post sticky on the top. In case, you are unaware of how to do this task, a clear documentation is provided.

Demo | Download

5۔ Phogra – Free Fullscreen Photography theme:

If you are photography enthusiast and you are looking for a Fullscreen Photography WordPress theme to showcase your skills, then this one is the best.

Demo | Download


6. Reslig:

It is a beautiful WordPress photography theme for those who are willing to showcase their photos or shots in a grid view. Reslig is a multiple column theme with a zero margin among the photos in a grid style which adds more beauty to the photos that are displayed. Furthermore, this theme is responsive and will fit on every device.

Demo | Download


7. Pictorico – A Grid based Photography WordPress Theme:

Yet another is waiting for you guys who love photography. It is theme which renders your shots in a grid-based look with a large featured image and also with a post slider. This theme is perfect for photoblogging or portfolio website.

Demo | Download


8. Pronto – A Free Gallery WordPress Theme:

It is free theme that will showcase your work along with a little piece of description. It gives a very clean and professional look. It is very simple to use as well.

Demo | Download



9. Photum:

It is a HTML5 based photography theme with a neat and clean look. This theme can be used to showcase not only your photography stuff but it is also suitable for anyone to display their skills.

Demo | Download



10. Fullscreen:

This is one of my favorite WordPress themes. It is an awesome theme which allows you to display full screen gallery of blog posts. If you want to change the website color, it can be easily changed through the theme options available there.

It also allows you to add a slider category from the theme options that will be set as a default category to show on homepage. For more options, you can use the theme options to get the look and feel you want.

Demo | Download




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