Toggle Buttons and Switches for Free [Premium]

Toggle Buttons are really very handy when creating applications. Everybody is quite familiar with the toggle buttons and switches because they can be easily found in our daily life.

They are hinged type of buttons having two states- On and Off. Nowadays these toggle buttons and switches are widely used in the User Interface kits and are really eye-catching and fascinating giving natural and realistic look.

They are very useful in order to increase the look and feel and can be used in any kind of application whether it is Web based application, Desktop application, Android based application or iPhone based, CMS etc.

They are vectored buttons (can be re-sized to any resolution) having sleek, elegant, fancy, futuristic, simple, glossy, 3D and realistic look and feel.

Following are the links to download the Toggle Buttons and Switches for Free [Premium]. 


1. On/Off Toggle Button PSD

Toggle Buttons

“These are some nice On and Off Toggle Switches that are perfect for an iPhone, iPad, any kind of CMS and more! I included some Tick and Cross versions for these switches in case you prefer that look instead. This set of GUI toggle switches are fully layered and includes a Photoshop PSD like always. It was also made in vector format, so you can re-scale this to any size”


2. Clean and Simple Power  Toggle Button PSD template

Toggle Buttons

“The PSD files of the power button are properly organized. It means that all layers are named and grouped. Grouping and naming properly the layers in a PSD file is a kind of a lifesaver for web designers. It saves time and frustration. It is much easier to work with properly organized files. Moreover, the PSD file comes in a super tiny size – just 91 kb!”


3. Sleek On/Off Switches and Toggles (PSD)

Toggles Buttons (PSD)

“Switches and toggles, everyone’s at it, it’s toggle crazy out there! Today’s freebie is a set of on/off switches which you can plonk straight into your next design”


4. Sort Switches / Toggles (PSD)

Sort Switches / Toggles Buttons (PSD)

“Today’s freebie is a colourful little sucker, a set of sort switches or toggles. Whatever you prefer to call them, this UI element can come in very handy when it comes to toggling content”

Some features of given Toggle Buttons and Switches:

Type of Design: UI Element
Layerd?: Yes
Dimensions in Pixels: 137×72


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