Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Privacy about the information of user is very much important to us. As we are serving you with the contents, help, guidelines etc, that’s why we do protect your privacy. Here is the information of what type of personal information we get or collect when you make a visit to and how are protecting your personal information.

We never sell your personal information to any third party.

There are two types of information (files) that are used to capture personal information:

1. Log Files:

As these files contains information as your internet protocol address (IP), your ISP (internet service provider) and which browser yo are using. So, all website do get these information as this is very basic. The time you visited our website, what page you are on? or how many pages have you visited and which pages you visited?

2. Cookies and Web Beacons:

We simply say that we don’t use any kind of cookies or web beacons on our site.

NOTE: As Google adsense requires this site to inform that Google adsense can use cookies or web beacons in the ad serving process. These cookies (“DART“) can be used by Google to track your visits on other web sites, gauge your interest and allow Google to deliver you ads based on that interest. You can opt out of interest based advertising. Read more on Google privacy policies.


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