How to check PTCL broadband speed?

PTCL Broadband Speed Checker is the tool which helps you to check your Broadband DSL speed which is currently provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

I got a lot of queries from my users about “how to check DSL or PTCL Broadband speed“. That’s why, I thought to create a post that will surely help my users to check or test their line’s internet speed.

Everyone, who is a PTCL Broadband client must be worried or annoyed by the speed of internet which is being provided by the Pakistan Telecommunication Limited. So, you must be trying to check the internet speed currently allocated to you.

This post will also help those users who are trying to check the internet speed of EVO wingle, Wi tribe, direct PTCL Broadband connection and also the users who are using any other Internet connection whether provided by PTCL or any other Internet Service Provider like Warid, Telenor, Mobilink, Ufone, Wateen etc.

The process to check the Internet Speed is simple. Just follow the steps provided below in order to check or test your Internet speed.

NOTE: Before checking your PTCL Broadband Speed, make sure to quit all other activities you are doing in order to check the speed accurately.

How to test Internet Speed?

1. Open your favourite Browser i.e. Chrome, Firefox etc

2. Type in the address box or just click the below url to open up a window.

You must be getting the below screen which shows loading.

ptcl broadband speed test

Click on the button “Begin Test“. You must be getting the below screen on your browser.

Wait until it properly check all the speed attributes which are download as well as uploading speed factors.

ptcl broadband speed test 2


Now, Here is the last screen which is showing you the internet speed which is currently being provided to you in terms of downloading and also uploading. Don’t consider mine one, it’s too low 😀

ptcl broadband speed test 3


How to check PTCL broadband speed – Video Tutorial:

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