Free Creating blog with (with Pictures) [How to]

how to create blog with wordpress

WordPress is the top Open Source Software over the internet that provides you to create your blog for free. It is really hard for beginners to start with it, when not knowing anything (novice users). So, we are providing you step by step method to create free blog with along with pictures.

There are many tutorials on the internet that provide the help about how to create blog with WordPress. It’s better that you should know what is the difference between the or If not, then please take a look at the following tutorial prior to moving forward.

Link Here: and – difference? (What is)

Follow the pictures, it will really be easy for creating your blog with WordPress.

Step 1:  Click Here to Start

Step 2: Click on the Get Started button.

Creating blog with wordpress

Step 3: Fill out the all the required information

Note: You can choose any plan for paid hosting.

Creating blog with wordpress

Step 3: Scroll Down the page and click the Create Blog

Create blog with wordpress


Step 4: Insert information about your blog

Creating blog with wordpress

Step 5: Choose a Theme

Creating blog with WordPress


Step 6: Depends on you, “Customize it” or click “Next Step”.

Step 7: Share it with you friends or family on Twitter or Facebook. If you don’t want to share it click “Next Step”


You are really done here. Create your first post and become one of the bloggers. Chill 🙂


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