9+ Free Download Best Portable Antivirus Applications

Portable_AntivirusWhat Are Portable Antivirus Software?

My Friends Usually ask me that there are so many Antivirus Softwares that protect computer from being infected.
But is there any Any antivirus that is portable and can be carried in USB like device and use it whenever and wherever you need?

I said yes there are but i have to discover some of them so I gone through browsing and come to know some of the very best Portable Antivirus Softwares


  • They are crushed versions of their full-featured AntiVirus Softwares.
  • They are Portable can be carried into USB like devices.
  • They also Provide USB Security (inserting in unknowing infected computer).
  • And can be used anywhere and everywhere.

Here are some of the Portable Antivirus Softwares available free to download. Click on each link to know more about them:

Portable antivirus Softwares:

  1. ClamWin:
  2. Norman Malware Cleaner:
  3. Sophos Anti RootKit:
  4. Dr. Web CureIt:
  5. VIPRE PC Rescue:
  6. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool:
  7. Trend Micro SysClean:
  8. Mx One:
  9. A-Squared Emergency USB Stick:

First Download and update, then use on infected computers.


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