Writing High Quality Posts to Increase Traffic – Top 20 Tips

Writing high quality posts to increase traffic

The qualified traffic of the Website depends mainly on the quality of the contents. Quality of the contents of the Website in turn depends on the quality of the posts that you write and upload on your blog or Website.

Many bloggers have good topics and also good knowledge, but still can not achieve the high traffic. The reason is mainly that they do not know how to write the high quality posts on a topic for a blog or Website.

Based on our experience, we share the Top 20 highly quality tips that will help you write the quality posts to increase the traffic of your Website or blog.

Note: Writing High Quality Posts boosts and increase traffic.

Factors and Tips – Key Points:

  • Write in your own words and thoughts. Do not copy or rephrase the contents from any other resource.
  • Do not go away from the topic. Always focus on what you are writing and what you want to say in your blog post.
  • Make a schedule for writing your blog posts. Do not write in irregular way. This will definitely affect your quality of writing.
  • Write when you are fresh and relax or have sufficient time to write. Writing can not be done in hurry, e.g., using 10-15 minutes to write a post.
  • Make note of any thing that comes into your mind about a blog topic that you are writing a post or have already written. Sometimes suddenly good ideas come into mind, you should be handy to note them down as soon as possible.
  • Organize your contents in heading and subheadings with the logical organization.
  • It is good practice to make use of the bullets and numbering to list the important items.
  • Make appropriate use of the keywords and avoid using the excessive keywords.
  • Do not use the slang words or short abbreviations. Many times it is not obvious to use them. If you use, do define them before using always.
  • Always write in creative and original thoughts.
  • Do not hide any thing from the readers. Always be generous in sharing your knowledge. The more generous you will be more quality posts will you produce and more visitors will bookmark your posts.
  • Make use of the easy, appropriate and decent vocabulary. It is not a good practice to use difficult vocabulary.
  • Address the audience as if you are talking to them.
  • Divide your topic into different logical arguments and make one paragraph for each arguments. For example, what, where, how, why etc.
  • Ask someone to review your posts to give you feedback, whether the post contents and flow is in logical rhythm or not.
  • Adjust your post based on the comments of the visitors or readers. It is always the best practice to regard their comments.
  • Evaluate your post to see that whether it really contains the useful information for the readers or not. You can check this by answering following questions:

    Does it contains something new or original? It is complete or something is missing.

So far, these are the tips that I could have shared with you. Follow up these in practice and I am sure, you will see the difference in the return of the visitors in your Website and increase of the traffic.
Feel free to share your views, comments, and questions. Shall be more than more than happy to response. Wish you all the best.


I am Muhammad Naveed Baig Jokhio, the CEO and Founder of Crispylogs, I am doing Graduation from MUET in Computer Systems Engineering. I am a professional Article Writer, Web enthusiast, WordPress lover, a passionate Graphics Designer, Technology geek, Programmer and a Researcher.