What are the most important facts that one should know before choosing a country for immigration?

Choosing a country for immigration
People now a days are anxious for immigrating to countries which are advanced in different perspective so that they and their families get better future but here a question arises that…which country to choose? or
“What are the most important points that one should know before choosing a country for immigration?”

I have tried my best to let u know the answer of this question by listing those points with recommendations…

  1. Per Capita Income (amount of money a per person earns of the yearly generated income of the country)
  2. Inflation Rate (should be as low as possible)
  3. Literacy Rate (should be high)
  4. Economy status (should be stronger)
  5. Investments status (Prefer country having high investments)
  6. Information Technology Rank (should be in top 5 to 10)
  7. Culture and Languages (Multicultural countries and Internaltional Language is better)
  8. Quality of Education
  9. Business policies (should not be tought enough to start a business for a common person)
  10. Unemployment Allowance (countries which pay unemployment allowance should be prefered)
  11. Security (Every person in country should have all kind of security)
  12. Job opportunities (country should have planty of jobs every next week)
  13. G8 Membership (it is wise to choose country with G8 membership)
  14. Wheather and natural beauty (should have normal whether and every person love natural beauty there is no reason to deny this…)

Although it is hard to find out a country having all these recommended considerations…but Canada is the only country in world which has all these facts and hence it is declared as the best country for immigration by United Nations…

You are most welcome to share your ideas…


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