Watch Apple’s March 9 Event Live

Watch Apple March 9 Event

Apple inc. is launching bulky amount of electronic consumer devices day by day. The CEO of Apple named Tim Cook who interviewed to the Telegraph about launching an incredible feature in the Apple Watch that will replace your car keys or any other.

Read here: Apple Watch will replace your car keys – says CEO of Apple

This feature will be announced at the event taking place at San Francisco along with the other notifications about Apple device.

In order to listen and watch live feed of the upcoming Apple’s March 9 event (will start at 10 AM PT), you guys need to have is:

  1. Apple’s dedicated live event site
  2. An Apple device
    1. Recent version of Safari browser running on OS X or on iOS.

You guys can watch this event live on Apple TV if you have.

NOTE: Apple TV should be of second or third generation device with Apple TV OS v 6.2 or higher.

Meet you guys there and don’t forget to come back here and give feedback of what you liked or not.

Source: TechCrunch


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