Undertaker embraced Islam – WWE champion

Undertaker embraced Islam (WWE Champion) and now he is a Muslim. Ain’t you shocked?

Undertaker Converted to Islam

Islam is spreading day by day very abruptly, many celebrities have converted to Islam as we have heard through the media whether it is social media, paper media or any other.

Michael Jackson became Muslim and many other as well, but now the WWE heavy weight champion who is known as a dead man got a new life as he becomes Muslim.

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This is one of the shocking and unbelievable news I have ever heard that’s why it worth sharing. Many people from the west are embracing Islam and converting to Muslim as it is described in a research that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.

Undertaker embraced Islam and converted to Muslim in the month of Ramadan, and got a new life with a new name as Mohammad Ismail.

Undertaker embraced Islam – What’s the real name?

For confirmation of this news, you can search on the Google, or any other search engine about this news, but the question rises here is will Mohammad Ismail (Under taker) continue his carrier as a wrestler?? Will Undertaker continue to fight in the ring??


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