Turn Your iPhone into DSLR with real SLR lens

The iPhone into DSLR? Yeah it’s true.

Apple is a giant electronic consumer company who launched iPhone and it rocked the market since its launch. It has many incredible features including high resolution camera with enormous functions, its touch, screen with hard solid material and much more.

If you are technology geek and iPhone lover, you must read this stuff. Apple iPhone can be converted into a High resolution and High quality DSLR camera to enjoy photography stuff.

You guys know that iPhone comes already with an awesome quality camera what if you can attach extra lens which will double its camera features. You can attach the SLR lens to the iPhone and convert it into a professional DSLR camera.

iPhone has got a very nice camera but what if you can attached an SLR lens to it merging power of both the lenses. The iPhone SLR mount is here in the market of gadgets to turn your iPhone into DSLR. This really sounds like crazy but it is real. Have fun of DSLR with touch screen.

It has case-adapter combo enabling you to mount two lenses:

  • Canon EOS Lens
  • Nikon SLR Lens

with your iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S inspiring your friends over the Facebook, Flickr, Instagram etc with manual focus and at f/2.8.

Case having two strap loops to hang your iPhone around neck like DSLR and tripod stand attachment to capture photos in a very professional way.

Price: $199.00 for iPhone 4, 4S

Price: $249.00 for iPhone 5, 5S

Link is at bottom to order it online

Turn iPhone into DSLR

Turn iPhone into DSLR


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