Turkish Coast sank a boat and drown 18 refugees

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A boat has been sank off the turkish coast which was carrying 18 refugees going to reach Greece on this Sunday, 3-Mar-2016 – reported by state-run Anatolian Agency.

boat sinks off turkish coast

Those people were going through the way of Turkey and drowned when their boat sank off the Turkish Coast. The guards of the Turkish Coast saved 15 people and recovered 18 bodies from the Aegean Sea which is near to the town of Didim.

Recently, only 15 people were rescued but the search is continued to find more victims.

Turkish way is being used since 2015 by refugees to travel to Europe. Many people have illegally traveled through this way. Most of the people belong to the Middle East, north Africa and Asia and mostly from the Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Number of illegal travel using Turkish coast:

The number of 135,000 people have traveled to europe illegally using the route of Turkey and many of them have died as well.

Ahmet Davutoglu who is the Prime Minister of Turkey traveled to summit with the European Union Leaders to handle these types of illegal travel specially using the route of Turkey.

SRC: firstpost and irishtimes

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