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Organic SEO Optimization tips and tricks

Based on our experience and knowledge in the field of online marketing using search engines, we share the top secrets of the Google or other major search engines. We list these arranged in the different categories.

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Tips To Optimize Your URL to Increase Google and Major Search Engines SEO (1-5)

  1. The most effective way of the search engine optimization is to optimize the URL of the Webpages in your
  2. Website. Make use of the keywords in the URL, e.g.,
  3. The weightage of the keywords in URL is more in the domain name rather than in the page name. For example, in case is preferred by the Google search crawler than This means that the first domain is mainly specialized on this topic. However, this may not always be possible. So do not worry about it. If your URL contains good keywords in the page name as well, still it is OK.
  4. Avoid using too many keywords in the URL of the Webpage. Make use of the conjunctive words as well, e.g., is, are, to, of etc. This will reveal the Google that the URL is not artificially design rather it is the natural one.
  5. Create your URLs as more obvious and clear, rather than complex. For example, if the URL contains an article on computer science, is not clear from this URL. However, this URL is more correct.


Tips To Optimize Title Tag (5-8)

  1. The title tag plays a vital role for the search engine optimization. Try to format your title tag as good as possible.
  2. Title of a Web page should be according to the contents. Never give a fake title, it is identified by Google or other search engines contents mining system, that whether the title is relevant or not.
  3. Make appropriate us of the keywords in title. Remember not too much or excessive use. This will put a negative impression by the Google ranking mechanism. Never under estimate Google.

Tips To Optimize Use of Meta Tags (8-20)

The meta-tags are a good way to optimize the Google and other search engines crawlers to effective crawl and access your Webpages.
  1. Make proper use of the keywords tag. It should contain a few most relevant and important keywords to the contents of your Webpage.
  2. Remember never make excessive use of the keywords, in the keywords, tag. Most of the bloggers and Webmaster make this mistake that they list huge number of the keywords related or irrelevant to their website.
  3. A keyword not relevant to the Website contents, or not found in the Website contents is a penalty impression or negative impression by the Google or other major search engines.
  4. Make appropriate use of the description tag. Describe your website properly and with short sentences. Do not give ambiguous description.
  5. Make use of the the robots meta tag. This tag-tag is used to let the search engines know that whether the crawlers are allowed to crawl your website or not. The value should be set as:
  6. Make use of the revisit-after tag, this tells the search engines that how often are they allowed to revisit your Website to find updated contents.
  7. Make use of the language tag. This tells the search engines that which language you are using. This is very much helpful in case your Website is in a language other than English. It helps Google local search engines, e.g., Google Indonesia, Google France etc to find the contents quickly in the users required languages.
  8. Make use of the distribution tag. This helps the Google or other search engines to know the geographical location that you are targeting.
  9. Make use of the rating tag. This helps the Google know that whether your Website or Blog contents the stuff that is restricted for kids or not. The permissible value of this tag-tag is “safe for kids”.
  10. Finally Make use of the doc-type tag. This lists the document type of the Web page.
  11. The complete list of the most useful tags and their optimized values are listed below: You can modify those and make use for your Website or Web blog.

Tips To Optimize Contents: (20-27)

  1. The most important aspect regarding the contents is that it should be useful to the readers or visitors of your Website.
  2. Offer the contents or service that is unique and different than all other providers.
  3. Create fresh and unique contents daily. The Google or other search engines love to suck the fresh contents around the Web.
  4. Write the clear and easy to read contents with simple vocabulary. Never use complex vocabulary.
  5. Avoid make Grammar and other mistakes. Learn how to avoid grammar mistakes.
  6. Write around the topic. Never wander far than the topic of the post or Webpage.
  7. Make appropriate use of the keywords in the contents of your pots. Do not make excessive use of the keywords. The keyword density should be average, neither too high nor too low.

Tips To Organize Contents in Headings and Subheadings (27-30)

  1. It is a good practice to organize the contents around the sections and subsections. This increases the readability of the readers and also help Google to optimize the search from your Website.
  2. High light the important sentence and phrases using the bold, italic or coloured text.
  3. Make proper use of the h1, h2, h3,..It increases the ranking. Typically using h2 and h3 have SEO impact that other headings. The more nested the headings, the more specific is the information and hence has the higher weight in Google.

Tips To Optimize Images in Your Website (30-35)

No blogger can write a good post without an image illustration. Adding images in the blog post is very important, however, many of the bloggers are not aware of how to optimize the image usage in the blog posts.
  1. Use the images in the JPG or EPS format, instead of BMP or PNG format. Since BMP and PNG takes too much space and make your blog post very slow to get loaded.
  2. Name the image using proper keywords. E.g., instead of, it should be
  3. Do not forget to make use of the ALT attribute of the IMG tag. This defines the descriptive purpose of the image.
  4. Give the brief and useful description of the image, containing the keywords list, in the ALT tag.
  5. Make a separate folder for the images in your web servers, with the name of images or figures For example:

Tips To Optimize Your Template for Website (35-41)

  1. Make your template simple and clear to read and navigate.
  2. Use the light background with the clear dark colored visible font size. This will make the site easier to navigate.
  3. Do not forget to include the HMTL Sitemap into your website. The Site map is used by the Google crawlers to craw and reach the Web pages required. This way, your Website crawling will be improved by the Google and other Major Search Engines.
  4. Make Your Website easy to navigate. Organize the contents into categories and sub-categories.
  5. Include the most frequently visited or top most posts as the separate links.
  6. Properly format the Anchor texts. For example, use Advantages of Organic SEO Optimization

Tips To Make Use of Correct Methods of the Promotion (41-50)

  1. Use the original and genuine methods of promoting your website.
  2. Submit your the Website links to the Web directories and forum. This is one of the best technique to increase SEO ranking.
  3. Submit your Website to the DMOZ is the open directory project. Which increases the reputation of your website in the eyes of Google.
  4. Submit your Website to the Social Networking Website. This includes submitting your website to
  5. Share your important posts on StumbleUpon and Digg. They share the contents to thousands of the visitors can bring real traffic to your Website.
    Share your posts on other bookmarking sites such as, Technorati.
  6. Share important posts on Reddit.
  7. Share your posts on MySpace.
  8. Submit your Website to the article submitting companies.
  9. Ping your Website every time after the updates. The complete list of the Pinging Servers is HERE.
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Top 50 Secrets of Organic Search Engine Optimization for Google and others - SEO Tricks
Article Name
Top 50 Secrets of Organic Search Engine Optimization for Google and others - SEO Tricks
Based on our experience and knowledge in the field of online marketing using search engines, we share the top secrets of the Google or other major search engines. We list these arranged in the different categories.


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