Thousands of indigenous canadian women killed or missing

It has been investigated by Canadian government that the number of local women who were killed or missing has been increased as compared to previous year.

The current minister of status of women named as “Patte Hajdu” reported that:

“the number of such women is more than four thousand”

In the past, it had been told that this number was approximately near to 1200. The prime minister of Canada “Justin Pierre James Trudeau” has promised to work on it while campaigning in the start of elections.

Canadian Local women killed or missing
Thousands of Canadian Local women killed or missing –

In this case, his members of cabinet have contacted with those indigenous women whose ancestors were local resident of Canada, in order to investigate it up to government level.

Patty Hajdu informed that

The government does not have an actual number of these indigenous women which were killed or missing

But she gave reference to an analysis from none other than “NATO women association of Canada” and said that:

The number of these local Canadian women which were killed or missing is more than 4 thousand

Before this analysis, the number was 1200, which was reported by Royal Canadian Mounted Police from the time span of 1980 to 2012 in 2014.

The prime minster of Canada “Justin Trudeau” said that:

It is the first priority of our liberal government to investigate this case up to the government level

Source: Time


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