These Sufi Songs will make you meditate and relax your brains literally

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No doubt the music the serves as the soul to life but how??? According to new society the definition of music varies. The music is an art which comprises of performance, creativity and significance. The world is full different cultures and traditions, as the music varies accordingly with respect to these cultures. I remember that one the great philosophers of the world quoted:

“Music is the tones of melodies and harmonies. In the horizontal direction, it is melody and in the vertical direction it serves as the harmony”

It is enjoyed by everyone on this globe because it gives them the sweet feelings and these pleasant sounds make them relax their bodies and minds. People belonging to different countries, regions, sects and cultures enjoy the different and their respective music.

BUT: This Lahooti Guy has simply changed the tradition.

The Lahooti Guy named as Saif Samejo who has travelled so far from the Jamshoro and travelled almost the whole world has spread his magic of music. His music is mostly in Sindhi language.  The accuracy and synchronization of the music and his sweet language is simply awesome. He has introduced a new trend in his region as well by converting the famous poets verses meshed into new trendy music that is folk + rock. The girls and guys all around the world are simply crazy for him and can’t just stop listening to his songs.


These songs are known as Sufi songs and these songs have the spiritual power to attract and fascinate the audience. Furthermore, this guy has started a session named as “Lahooti Live Sessions” for these sufi songs in which he actually brings out the hidden talent from different regions and cores of the world and makes music out of them which is incredibly awesome.

Believe me, if guys listen to these songs when you are alone and sad, you will get meditated and relaxed.

Give try to following music:

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