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the slug is already used by another term

Hello,  my WordPress users..! Today I am going to give the solution about one of the most irritating issue of the WordPress that is “the slug is already in use by another term”.

When I was creating the post 4D Movie Theaters allow to See, Hear, Smell & Feel the actions for my entertainment and technology geek users, I tried to create a new category but the WordPress was saying “the slug is already in use by another term” though it was not in any of my category before.

I wasted my few minutes on doing my own experience with that but was unable and get too much irritated. Then one of my WordPress brother told me about the solution to this problem. It is really simple, don’t worry. I know you are already screwed too much due to this issue, So moving towards the solution.

The slugs can be used in the pages, posts, categories, tags, or any media attachments.

“the slug is already in use by another term” – Solution:

If you are trying to create a new Category, Post, Page, Tag or want to upload media attachment and getting the above mentioned error, but it is really simple to solve in order when you want to create a new category and your desired slug founds to be occupied by any other tag.

NOTE: But it is really difficult when you are trying to use the slug and it is occupied by post, page, or any media attachment. It is difficult because when you try to change that slug in that already occupied one, it will decrease your SEO as it may be submitted to other sites or simply it will generate linking error. So be careful about it when changing.


  • Step 1: Try to find that slug in the tag section also at your left side of the dashboard menu POSTS>>TAGS.
  • Step 2: Search your desired slug you are trying to use in the search box.
  • Step 3: When you find it, change it by giving some number at the end or change it as you want.
  • Step 4: Now you can use your desired slug.


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