Two must have Tools to Blog Faster

must have tools to blog faster

Have you observed? Some online magazines and websites post Hundreds of contents and articles daily. How is it possible to post and create such a huge amount of content on regular basis?


Yes, It is possible. Even you can post hundreds of contents regularly with the help of some tools that are really necessary for the blogger to use. Today there is a lot of competition of categories including Showcase (which contains lots of images), Reviews, Designs etc, and images are to be edited and uploaded to the server which takes a lot of time, but it is really a compulsion to add images to the post in order to increase the beauty of the post. Uploading of images and Manipulation is a headache.

You will find many other resources over the globe about “must have tools to blog faster” but in my opinion these two tools are really useful.


So, here we are some resources that are really very must necessary for a blogger to work faster and blog faster.

1. Photoscape:

Must have tools to Blog Faster

Photoscape is fun and interesting photo editing tool that is very easy to use in order to enhance and manipulate you images.

It provide you some features that are really very much important in blogging: i.e. crop, resize, brightness and contrast enhancement, decolor, built-in effects and filters, combine photos, create animated GIFs, splitter etc

It is free to download from many resources but its official website is HERE.

Click button to Download it


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20.34MB .zip

2. ImageShake Uploader:

must have tools to blog faster

ImageShake Uploader is a very useful tool which comes in handy when uploading lots of images at once under a single list of tags.

Provides you the facility to upload by drag and drop.

Download link is this Click HERE

How To Solve: Call to undefined function get_header() in index.php on line 1

Call to undefined function get_header() in index.php on line 1

Solution to Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in index.php on line 1

Though WordPress is the famous and an easy blogging platform but it produces a lot of errors and problems for newbies. If you are new towards this blogging platform (named WordPress), you will face many problems regarding theme issues and technical ones ranging from easy level (means you can yourself solve them) to difficult level (means you need an expert or expertise).

Some buddies don’t install theme properly and as the time passes they get the trouble coming from their blog or websites.

Last night i was having this problem on my website too. It screwed me so much, because it was much difficult for me to solve, but at last i solved it in a very easy way and i was astonished.

What is the REASON for this issue or problem?

The first reason can be, that newbies install the software or WordPress on their ftp servers without any proper knowledge about installation and they miss some of the important points about installation or when some problem occurs they panic and replace their files with the files given on the tutorials on the internet.

The second reason is the replacement or irrelevant index page with the functioning one. In simple words, the index.php of theme folder has replaced your main root index.php file when you installed any plugin or thirty party widget.

What is the SOLUTION for this problem?

Do you know why this error happened? This happened because your index.php file from theme folder has replaced your original root index.php file.

Don’t worry, its so simple to solve. i am sharing the solution of Call to undefined function get_header() in index.php on line 1. Just follow the simple steps given below.

1. Download the latest version of wordpress. Click Here.

2. Unzip the file, copy the index.php on desktop.

3. Upload index.php to your wordpress root directory.

tada smile..!! You have solved your problem..!! :)


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