Windows 10 will allow you to change real world

Microsoft being the technology giant introducing Windows 10 with incredible features – this has been announced on the 21st January when unveiling the features of Windows 10.

They have just jumped from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, skipping the Windows 9, as the Redmond, Wash. firm. has the vision to step forward to whole new technology and step towards to a new generation of OS.

When you change the virtual world, you change the world you see,” the head of Windows Holographic, Alex Kipman told the technology geeks sitting in front of stage.

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Will Windows 10 really change the real world??

Microsoft Windows 10 will come in the market with enormous next generation features like:

Free Update:

Windows 10 will be available free to the users who have been using Windows 7 or later version since a year.


All the devices have the ability to connect with Xbox. Microsoft Windows 10 will come with special features for gamers, as it will have an Xbox app installed that will let you enjoy the Xbox games against Xbox One users.

Also user can record and pause games, and can switch between the Xbox One and Windows 10 device.


This new generation Windows 10 will reduce the gap between devices and will give portability – it means applications can be run on mobile phone, Xbox and PC.


For mobiles it will have no noticeable change.

The coolest feature is Holograms:

Like Google Glass, it is called Microsoft HoloLens that will allow users to see the holograms in the real world and can interact with those holographic objects.

The Hologram feature will also help the developers to build new applications that will be using Holograms.

This amazing feature will help people to play immersive games, easy learning on-the-go, will help medical field to do surgery – in short we can say that Windows 10 will mingle the real and virtual world.

When sporting this Headgear named HoloLens, one can built objects and things in a 3D space and will allow you to interact with them. Microsoft says that this feature (HoloLens) of Microsoft Windows 10 will provide the users to enjoy new and creative way to built objects like gadgets, toys, sceneries, devices, and much more.

This will more like augmented reality – not virtual world.

Some images depicting features of Windows 10:

Preview of Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10

new Windows 10

Windows 10 1

Windows 10 2

Windows 10 features

Windows 10 holograms

Windows 10 HoloLens Windows 10

Image Courtesy by: Windows & Business Insider