Baap Baap Hota Hai Aur Beta Beta – Shoaib Akhtar insulted in front of Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan who is called as the King Khan and also the don of Bollywood industry was hosting a show. All the cricketers of both countries – Pakistan and India were available there and suddenly Shahrukh Khan called the Virender Sehwag on the stage to interview. SRK asked him something about his matches.

Virender Sehwag told that when he was batting in a match against Pakistan at the score of 200. Shoaib Akhtar became tired of seeing me and started to hit me with bouncers along with abuses Shoaib Akhtar balled and ask me to hit it again and again. I shouted at him that “Wo jo tumhare baap khara hai na wo mare ga tujhe”. He said, I passed batting to Tandulkar, and Shoaib Akhtar balled him. Tandulkar hit the ball and made it sixer.

Then the Sehwag again shouted at the Shoaib Akhtar that: “Baap baap hota hai aur beta beta”. Watch the video below in which Virender Sehwag is insulting Shoaib Akhtar in front of Shahrukh Khan and all the audience. Shoaib Malik was also there but he did not respond to this insult as well.

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Watch Video and See how he insults Shoaib Akhtar infront of Shahrukh Khan:

SRC: zemtv

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Is Shoaib Akhtar a Muslim? Judge yourself

Shoaib Akhtar

It would be against the respect if we say we don’t know who is Shoaib Akhtar, he holds the record of the fastest bowler of the whole cricket history and played for Pakistan.

He played many cricket matches for Pakistan, performed well and thus became a super star of Cricket world.(Read about Shoaib Akhtar on Wikipedia)

As he became superstar, he was called and invited to many shows, parties as a celebrity or special guest.

Recently, Shoaib Akhtar went to visit to India and was invited in one of the most famous TV shows named Comedy Nights With Kapil – it is a show which is being hosted by a comedian named Kapil and he invites celebrities and national heroes to bring free of cost laughter on the faces and he cracks jokes on the celebrities, invited guests and the audience.

Shoaiab Akhtar was invited along with Harbhajan Singh – an Indian famous cricketer where the Shobi cracked a joke (it would be better if we say that he does blasphemy on the name of God – Allah) which is unbearable.

Watch the Video and become Judge yourself.