Access Free Public Wi-Fi Across Whole Punjab

Access Free Public Wi-Fi Across Whole Punjab

As we know that Punjab government is facilitating their people by enormous Information Technology based projects such as Digital (SMS) based Police FIR system and much more. Besides these projects, now it’s time to give fidelity to internet throughout whole Punjab province.

The Chief Minister of Punjab named Shahbaz Sharif declared to provide free public Wi-Fi access to the people of province across important places i.e. hospitals, railway stations, educational institutes, metro bus routes, airports, bus stations and many other places.

Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi will be the first one to get this facility of free public Wi-Fi access across the cities – said by Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif (as mentioned by Express Tribune).

This free of cost public Wi-Fi will be soon available throughout the whole Punjab province – further he said.

The motive behind this work is to promote the information technology inside the province and help students and people to get free education.

Shahbaz Sharif wants to make his province competitive to international market (a full digital province).

Besides, there are many other projects that will take place inside Punjab including the one in which Teachers of mathematics and science subjects will be provided with the tablets.

Students taking positions in academics will be awarded with the tablets as mentioned by CM of Punjab.

The Information Technology board has started the process of digitizing notebooks of mathematics and science subjects from class 6 to 10 in soft form and also in CDs.