Perro Aguayo dies – Mexican Wrestler “Pedro Aguayo” dies due to kick on neck

perro aguayo dies - pedro aguayo dies

Mexico: Wrestler dies in the Mexican wrestling due to flying kick.

According to international news magazines, a Mexican wrestler “Pedro Aguayo” famous as “Perro Aguayo” passes away while wrestling in the ring.

He died due to a flying kick which directly hit on his neck breaking it and fracturing it. However, the match was continued even 2 minutes after the death of Perro Aguayo, though the audience and the referee thought he is seriously injured and sent him to the hospital where according to the doctors – wrestler died in the ring due to flying kick hit him on his neck and fracturing it.

The director of AAA federation has tweeted and left a message for the family members of this wrestler that: This news is very sad to be heard and he shares the grief of his family and is equally grieved.

Pedro Aguayo Ramirez


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