Fully Funded Scholarship (MENA) by Coca-Cola for Pakistan

A fully funded scholarship programme has been launched by Coca-Cola by collaborating with US State Department. It is sponsoring 100 university students from Middle East, North Africa and Near Asia (MENA), and giving a chance for fully funded summer entrepreneurship programme.

MENA scholarship programme is based upon competition which is “Make Tomorrow Better”. In this competition intended applicants will compete in a contest to win this chance.

fully funded scholarship by coca-cola

MENA Fully Funded Scholarship Program Details:

This scholarship program will remain for four weeks and will take place at the Indiana University’s prestigious Kelly School of Business after selection of winning candidates.

This fully funded scholarship by Coca-Cola is available in 7 countries. The countries of MENA region as told before including Pakistan, Egypt, Jordon, Palestine, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Pakistan will be awarded with 14 scholarships out of total 100 scholarships.

This scholarship program will start in July, 2016 and will end up in August, 2016. The winning students will be given a chance to fly to America along with free accommodation, free meals and free visa.

The clash between the Ramadan and the course will be under consideration as noted by the programme guidelines. That’s why, the Indiana University ensures to give you proper accommodation for all the winning students because of Ramadan.

The candidates are required to submit their business ideas which will make their country’s tomorrow better as mentioned by Cola-Cola’s competition “Make Tomorrow Better”.

The submitted ideas are shared on the local page of Coca-Cola and open for voting online. The top 25 ideas with most of the appreciation and votes will make up to the semi-finals. Then, the jury will decide and select the 14 contestants who will win the chance to get this fully-funded scholarship. 14 winning students will fly to United States from 1st July to 5th August, 2016.

Fully Funded Scholarship Requirements:

The willing students should apply before 20 March, 2016 for registration. The process to submit the business idea will take place after registration.

After registration, the ideas can be submitted here.

Students which are enrolled in a university and aged between 18 to 24 years can apply for this programme. The candidates should have a valid passport and also a little experience of traveling to United States of America.

The criteria for the eligibility can be found on the programme’s homepage.

Click Here to view and vote for the best ideas, after registration.

Pakistani Passport Ranked At 2nd Worst For International Travel

Pakistani Passport has been ranked as the second Worst Passport for international travel in the world with a score of 29 as mentioned in the Henley and Partners Visa Restrictions Index 2016.

In 2016, the Henley and Partners has published a index which shows the visa restrictions and disapproval. In that index, Pakistan has been ranked as the second worst passport for international travel in the world.

Pakistani passport ranked as second worst in the world

With score of 29, Pakistan is at second worst number following Afghanistan with a score of 25 and ranked as First Worst passport for international travel. It means that, the citizens of both countries mostly face these visa restrictions and disapprovals.

The Henley and Partners have been working to produce a list of countries enlisting the rankings featuring visa restrictions. In 2016 index, Germany has been ranked as first best passport with a score of 177 to travel internationally, Sweden as second best with 176 points followed by France, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom (UK) ranking third on the list.

India is at 85th position with a score of 52 while Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are at the rank of 96 with score of 39 score.

What is Henley & Partners Visa Restriction Index:

It is an index produced by Henley and Partners with cooperation of International Air Transport Association (IATA) enlisting countries with global rankings. This list is produced by using certain methodologies and freedom that their customers feel while traveling. Henley and Partners are working since a decade.

The methodologies and factors used in the production of this index also include biometric verification of customers and many other factors affect it.



PTCL Gaming Lounge (PGL) provides online gaming in Pakistan

The telecommunication industry of Pakistan known as PTCL has introduced a platform for gamers and has held a Gaming Event for the intended individuals by launching “PTCL Gaming Lounge (PGL)” in Karachi.

PGL Gaming Event at Karachi:

This event has been initiated by a live pro-gaming event which was also held in Dolmen Mall, Karachi. They have been inspired by the success of events which were held in Lahore and Islamabad and decided to also launch this two-day event in Karachi in order to facilitate the youngsters of Sindh as well. This event will help the gamers to fulfill their dreams by winning enormous cash-prices.

Seeing the popularity of e-sports worldwide, the event intends to provide this type of activities to youngster of Pakistan providing first-hand experience of PGL game servers. In order to promote the broadband hardcore gaming in the country, there were many activities to do with plentiful surprises like lucky draws, gifts and several game tournaments too.

Pakistan Gaming Lounge (PGL) - Gaming event

EVP Product and Pricing of PTCL named Asif Aslam said that:

We are striving to support the advancement of e-sports in this country and such activities will be very helpful to the new generation.

To make Pakistan’s profile good in front of the world, it will be surely a good step and will also help to show that Pakistan supports youth by taking certain steps for them. History tells that Pakistanis are very keen about games. There will be very exciting and competitive games because of the fact that Pakistan’s youth has won many awards in this aspect. It will be a good opportunity for PC gamers and it will serve as a platform for them to contest in abundance. Common man of Karachi is considering this event a very good, exciting and full of joy. PTCL Gaming Lounge will provide gamers a platform to check their skills and potentialities.

The event witnessed a high competition amongst Karachi’s top PC gamer in which Daniyal Imran took top position in Call of Duty tournament and also a team won prize in Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) competition.

Pakistan Gaming Lounge (PGL) aims to provide the joy of multiplayer gaming experience without any lag (lag-free). It is hosted at PTCL’s data centers providing low latency servers to Pakistani gamers. As a result, gamers across whole country can enjoy gaming experience without need of LAN or any far-flung high latency servers.

Games at PGL servers:

Currently available game servers include Counter Strike and Call of Duty series, GTA San Andreas, Just Cause 2, Rust, Mincraft, Team Fortress 2, Netplay Arcade Games and much more to enjoy different tastes of game-play.

Gamers can register, login and play above mentioned games on:



“Pakistan Zindabad” slogans in Indian University was a biased news – ZEE News

The news which was so much viral on Internet and media as well as about the “Pakistan Zindabad” slogans chanted in the Indian University by students was a biased news – ZEE News

Pakistan Zindabad slogans by Indian Students was a fake news

ZEE News producer named “Vishwa Deepak” has resigned from his designation because of this biased news. In a letter which was received this Sunday, ZEE TV producer has cited this news as a reason for his resignation.

The producer of the ZEE News, Deepak told that:

The news and footage of JNU protests which was broadcasted on ZEE News was biased news. The footage showing students chanting slogans of “Pakistan Zindabad” repeatedly was a fake news.

We heard inaudible slogans from the grainy video. Editors at Zee News felt this sounded like ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and that’s the caption we went with.

The ZEE News official further said that:

“The video which had no “Pakistan Zindabad” slogans in it, we played repeatedly to spread madness. How did we establish that Kanhaiya and his associates were chanting slogans when all we heard were voices coming from the darkness. Our biases made us hear Bhartiya Court Zindabad as Pakistan Zindabad.”

SOURCE: Pakistan Times

CNG prices to be reduced – Good News

Government of Pakistan will try to reduce CNG prices by Rs. 2 – 3 per kilogram all across whole country by the next month.

CNG prices are expected to be reduced from the next month in whole Pakistan – according to sources.

CNG prices and CNG rates in Pakistan

Sources also told us that the prices of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) will be reduced by the first week of next month which is March. This reduction will take place after arrival of first cargo of (LNG) liquefied natural gas in Pakistan from Qatar by next month.

Furthermore, All Pakistan CNG Association of Pakistan has also demanded the reduction in prices upto 30% for both CNG and Petrol.

NOTE: CNG and Petrol stations will remain open this whole week.


Moreover, Pakistan has also signed a long-term agreement of $16 Billion with government of Qatar in the very start of this month. The agreement declares that Pakistan will get 3.75 million tonnes of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from the government of Qatar per year. 20% of the gas requirement of Pakistan will be fulfilled from this agreement.

SOURCE: Pakistan Today