Exclusive Video: Hilarious fight of Dogs and Pigs in Sindh, Pakistan

This trend has basically started from Greece and Spain where this type of fight was not between animals but it was the fight between human beings. There are a huge number of Hollywood movies depicting these type of fights are very famous including Gladiator, Spartans etc. But here in Sindh which is the province of Pakistan, the people are very keen of watching these type of fights between dogs and pigs, dogs and bear. These types of fights are banned in Pakistan by Government law but still there are certain areas of Sindh, where these fights actually take place.

The animals’ rights organization WWF working here in Pakistan but it is not taking action against this kind torture to the animals just for the fun of certain people. The locals of these region say that the police officials are being bribed for certain bucks that are collection from this battle by collecting the money from the visitors/audience (100 rupees per individual). Even today the media came to attend this show and asked certain questions from the locals but they were like, it feels these guys don’t have any feelings or sentiments for these innocent animals and they were enjoying it.

Here is the exclusive video which shows the fight between dogs and pig:

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How to book a taxi using uber

Besides the new feature of turn-by-turn voice guide from Google Maps, it has announced an exciting update which will help you out during your journey. Uber has partnered with Google to facilitate user for booking cab right from the Google Maps rather than jumping between various apps. Google Maps has also integrated some of most popular taxi services in selected countries i.e. Ola Cabs in India, 99Taxis in Brazil, MyTaxi in Germany and Spain, Hailo in UK and Spain and Gett in UK to help commute and decide on routes.

how to book a taxi using uber

The Google’s blog post has reported that it will be soon available in all Google devices. This feature of Uber to book cabs and taxis on the way will be coming globally. According to the details shared in recent debut in Lahore, it was said  that soon Pakistan will also get this feature. Though, Uber has also been funded by Google to start this venture.

How to book Uber Cab or Taxi using Google Maps:

Google Maps have been very useful and beneficial for the tourists and common man to travel from one place to another. It also facilitates the user through its turn-by-turn voice guide which can help you out while driving or riding a bike. Google Maps have made us addicted and dependent on its services, even we can’t travel anywhere far away without activating it. Now, here comes the cab booking service integrated in Google Maps that will save your time jumping from one app to another.

how to book a taxi using uber

Steps to book cab using Uber:

  • Use Google Map to search for location
  • There will a tab available for you guys to observe ride services.
  • Check out the top-right taxi-cab icon and hit it. It will show you Uber and other suggestions to simply book you a cab or taxi. No need to have Uber installed.

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Enable turn-by-turn voice guide in Google Maps – How to

Google maps is the application which contains world map and navigational support for the user wishing to locate himself or want to travel from one location to another.

It helps the intended user to find the current location, a desired destination or can use the feature of direction which guides the user with certain information and the path from its current location to the desired destination.

Recently, Google has introduced the turn-by-turn voice guide in its Google maps for Pakistani users a week ago.

The guide is amazing with the feature of darkness all around the map, and it only highlights the path or line which guides you to travel from current location to desired destination. It also guides you with the voice to take left or to take right turn when it is needed.

From this feature, the blind people can also take advantage as it will behave as a voice enabled guide for the disabled persons in Pakistan.

Currently, the Google voice guide in navigation is a beta version and can easily be activated or used by the user who have a latest version of Google Maps installed in his/her smartphone.

Here, we will try to guide you about: how to enable the turn-by-turn voice guide in Google Maps in a very simple and easy to follow steps. Just follow them to active that feature.

How to enable voice guide in Google Maps:

Step 1: First of all, open the google maps in your android smartphone. You will get the below screen.

google maps voice guide

Step 2: On the screen above, you can find a big blue circle button containing right arrow which will help you to get directions from your current position to desired location. When you click it, you will get the below screen.

google maps voice guide turn by turn

Step 3: From the above screen, you can find Choose location box. Click on it and type the destination where you want to go or want the google maps to give you directions.Direction from current location to destination

Step 4: From the above screen, you can see i have typed nasim nagar in the box and hit it. You will get the screen as shown above, and then click on the button which is blue colored and containing the UP arrow, hit it to get the below screen.

how to enable voice turn by turn google maps guide

Here we are, this is the google maps voice guide which will guide you turn by turn in Pakistan.

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Dr Ishrat ul Ebad inaugurates by playing guitar at DUHS, Karachi

Dr. Ishrat ul Ebad Khan who is the well known person since many years as a Sindh Governor has inaugurated the refurbished Moin Auditorium of Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) at Karachi and also played amazing guitar on stage.

The Governor of Sindh Dr. Israt ul Ebad also played an awesome guitar on the stage while inaugurating the refurbished Moin Auditorium at Dow University.

He praised the Dow University of Health Sciences and said that this university has given birth to many doctors who have enlighten the name of their country in every corner of the world.

The Vice Chancellor of the University named Prof. Masood Hameed was also present at ceremony held in Auditorium of the University.

ishrat ul ebad playing guitar

The University of health and sciences rose the hidden secrets love from the Governor of Sindh – Dr. Ishrat ul Ebad and he said that:

I remember, I played the guitar at some ceremony on a very romantic song and fortunately, I secured first prize in that competition.

When the students asked him about the romantic song, he smiled with shy and skipped that question.

When the media reporters asked him about the Kamal of Mustafa, he said, he is trying to understand the situation yet. When he will get clear concepts of what actually Mustafa Kamal is doing, he will respond on this issue.

Watch Video Israt ul Ebad playing guitar at DUHS:

Aamir Liaquat taunting General Raheel Sharif – Watch Video

Aamir Liaquat who is known as the Islamic scholar of Pakistan and also was a political leader taunting the Army Chief of Pakistan named General Raheel Shareef in front of media.

aamir liaquat taunts general raheel sharif

Aamir Liaquat has always been a strong victim of criticism because of his ill and wrong deeds. Recently, he has published a video in which the Aamir Liaquat is taunting the President, Prime Minister, Army Chief of Pakistan on allocating the land to Imran Khan.

Watch: How Aamir Liaquat taunts Gen Raheel Sharif:

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