Pakistan Cricket team Won 3 lac dollars even by losing World Cup Quarter Finals

Pakistan-Cricket team won 3 lacs world cup 2015

Dubai: (Crispylogs) Pakistani Cricket team has won $300,000 as prize money even by losing the quarter final cricket match by International Cricket Council.

ICC has already announced the prize money for the teams prior to the starting of International Cricket World Cup 2015.

The team with no defeat in the whole event will get 4 crore, 20 lac (dollars), and the team with only one defeat in the whole event will be awarded with 3 crore, 9 lac, 75 thousands (dollars).

The World cup winner team will be gifted with 3 crore, 7 lac, 5 thousands (dollars), and the runner up team will get 1 crore, 7 lac, 50 thousands (dollars) while the team losing the semi finals will be awarded with 6 lac (dollars) and the team losing the quarter finals match will get 3 lac (dollars).