Few facts about Kiwi Women – NewZealand

Facts about Kiwi Women, New Zealand

No doubt, the New Zealand is the among the most beautiful countries of the world which contains most beautiful natural scenarios. This country is also famous for living a peaceful greeny life. The people of New Zealand are so loving and caring. Therefore, I thought to write an article on few facts about Kiwi Women.

The following are some of the facts that I came to gather.

Facts about Kiwi Women:

  1. In 1893, New Zealand became the first country to give women the right to vote.
  2. The Kiwi country has the honor of being the only country in the world which has all the higher ranks been allocated to women simultaneously in 2006. The highest ranks held by ladies were: the Queen, the Governor-General, the PM, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Chief Justice of the country.
  3. The most amazing and sexiest fact is, the Kiwi women are the most promiscuous ladies in the world leaving behind the Austria. New Zealand was also unusual for being the only country where women have more sexual partners than their men.

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Amazing Engineering by New Zealander named SkySphere – A Perfect Man-Cave

This land is famous for the zeal and happiness but this man from New Zealand has made this country proud by amazing engineering such a beautiful and incredibly perfect man-cave.

However technology has been increased and living standard has grown up to smart homes and smart houses but after checking out this piece of art you will wish to live in this luxurious man-cave.

This guy is a Polymer engineer who had an idea to bring a date back thing to this era by using technology-savvy tools and technologies.

It took approximately three years to achieve his goal and he named this piece of art as SkySphere having luxurious living and comforting lights as these can be controlled via an android based application.

New Zealander said that he has brought the old concept along with modernity and this man-cave residing in center of trees has the feature of security from the standard caveman predators controlled through a single android based application.

Lighting inside this building can also be controlled using this android app giving an eye-catchy look from the windmills.


Some of the photos of this perfect man-cave from this amazing New Zealander.


The skeleton of the tower has 3,000 hours to get all stuff at one place.


He has done all the things like designing in 3-D designing tool.




This building getting the electricity from these solar panels.


This is the android application which took also a huge amount of time to develop which is used to control all lighting and security of the man-cave.



How about this romantic environment?





This red light in the moon light catches my eye.

All facilities at one place. :)


This set of sofa looks so luxurious and comforting.


I wish I would be there to enjoy the weekends in this amazing engineering piece of art. engineers-man-cave10

New Zealanders seizing car keys from tourists


Few decades ago, the New Zealand government rejected the planned underground train project. They are paying off this decision nowadays, in shape of terrible terrific jams specially in Auckland Central and CBD region. Due to this, government is trying to promote and trying to encourage the use of the public transports. However, due to import of low price cars from Japan, the problem is sustaining and increasing day by day.

Recently, the traffic jams in Auckland have been day mare for the local residents. This is especially true in the traffic hours from 7-9am and from 4 to 6pm. In summer, the foreign tourists have also been creating problems. Since, they did not know much about the driving in New Zealand have caused serious issues.

New Zealanders have been pissed off of tourist drivers after several deadly accidents involving foreigners in the past month, and now they’re taking enforcement into their own hands. In the past week, about one driver a day has confronted another driver and confiscated his or her keys, according to The New Zealand Herald.

The terrible jams are usually found at state highway 1 (SH1) from south to Auckland CBD and from North to Auckland CBD and from West to Auckland CBD (SH16). Although there is a great network of roads and motorways but it is insufficient to fulfill the transportation requirements.

According to Mashable, there were 75% road accidents recorded and blamed on foreign drivers in 2013.

The officials have tried to improve the traffic law enforcements by forging some of the laws but the civilians of New Zealand blamed most of the Chinese tourists.

Education will lead to improved road traffic and it’s the only solution besides the traffic rules.

Source: The Mashable