Will Junaid Jamshed again beg for forgiveness?

Junaid Jamshed is a very prominent personality of Pakistan. He is famous for different activities from the past decades. The huge fame was due to his songs and his band named “The Vital Signs”. The person is not considered as Pakistani if he/she has not heard the Pakistani patriotic song “Dil Dil Pakistan”, also known as second national anthem of Pakistan.

Also Junaid Jamshed has become famous for his Islamic preachings and many people started to follow him. He has also been critized for different activities at different occasions and then every time he ask for forgiveness from the nation of Pakistan.

But now again at the occasion of concert launching the song “Chand Sitara” by “Vital Signs” that will be released nationwide on this 14 August, Junaid Jamshed has been found in the middle of controversy holding hand of famous singer Hadiqa and also found in the middle of ladies capturing selfies and standing too close.

The nation of Pakistan is again angry with him and raising the question that what was the need to do such an act if somebody is having such a huge fan/islamic followings.

Junaid Jamshed controversy

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