List of Free Great Icons Resources [High Quality]


Designing comes first than development, and if you are a designer or might be creating any User Interface then you would certainly need some elements that can beautify your design. Though icons are small in size but they play a major role in beautification of the design because minimalistic things are much more beautiful and eye catchy than the big ones.

“Icons are the major key components of GUI of any application whether it is Website, Blog, Smart Phone Application, Desktop Application etc. So, choosing the right icons set for your software app is the major reason of success, because GUI is very much necessary for the success of app.”

The most amazing and INTERESTING thing is that the internet has become a full of mess nowadays, browsing useful material and stuff becomes headache. So, first Bookmark our Magazine by pressing CTRL + D. Access directly to get useful stuff, if you can’t find what you are looking for then ask us we will feel pleasure to simply put that thing for you.

 You will feel it really funny when somebody asked me to get the icons set by USB, when I asked him why not through internet, he replied that there is no internet service where he lives. Isn’t it amazing??? It is happening in this 21st Century :)

We are sharing mostly useful and famous List of Free Great Icons Resources [High Quality]


1. Six Revisions

tricons social media icons

2. One Blog

Star Social Media Icons

3. Instant Shift


4. Visual Pharm


5. Find Icons


6. Web Designer Depot

7. Icon Finder


8. Vandelay Design

social media icons metro

9. Free Resources for Designer


10. Icon Dock


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