PTCL Gaming Lounge (PGL) provides online gaming in Pakistan

The telecommunication industry of Pakistan known as PTCL has introduced a platform for gamers and has held a Gaming Event for the intended individuals by launching “PTCL Gaming Lounge (PGL)” in Karachi.

PGL Gaming Event at Karachi:

This event has been initiated by a live pro-gaming event which was also held in Dolmen Mall, Karachi. They have been inspired by the success of events which were held in Lahore and Islamabad and decided to also launch this two-day event in Karachi in order to facilitate the youngsters of Sindh as well. This event will help the gamers to fulfill their dreams by winning enormous cash-prices.

Seeing the popularity of e-sports worldwide, the event intends to provide this type of activities to youngster of Pakistan providing first-hand experience of PGL game servers. In order to promote the broadband hardcore gaming in the country, there were many activities to do with plentiful surprises like lucky draws, gifts and several game tournaments too.

Pakistan Gaming Lounge (PGL) - Gaming event

EVP Product and Pricing of PTCL named Asif Aslam said that:

We are striving to support the advancement of e-sports in this country and such activities will be very helpful to the new generation.

To make Pakistan’s profile good in front of the world, it will be surely a good step and will also help to show that Pakistan supports youth by taking certain steps for them. History tells that Pakistanis are very keen about games. There will be very exciting and competitive games because of the fact that Pakistan’s youth has won many awards in this aspect. It will be a good opportunity for PC gamers and it will serve as a platform for them to contest in abundance. Common man of Karachi is considering this event a very good, exciting and full of joy. PTCL Gaming Lounge will provide gamers a platform to check their skills and potentialities.

The event witnessed a high competition amongst Karachi’s top PC gamer in which Daniyal Imran took top position in Call of Duty tournament and also a team won prize in Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) competition.

Pakistan Gaming Lounge (PGL) aims to provide the joy of multiplayer gaming experience without any lag (lag-free). It is hosted at PTCL’s data centers providing low latency servers to Pakistani gamers. As a result, gamers across whole country can enjoy gaming experience without need of LAN or any far-flung high latency servers.

Games at PGL servers:

Currently available game servers include Counter Strike and Call of Duty series, GTA San Andreas, Just Cause 2, Rust, Mincraft, Team Fortress 2, Netplay Arcade Games and much more to enjoy different tastes of game-play.

Gamers can register, login and play above mentioned games on:


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