Exclusive Video: Hilarious fight of Dogs and Pigs in Sindh, Pakistan

This trend has basically started from Greece and Spain where this type of fight was not between animals but it was the fight between human beings. There are a huge number of Hollywood movies depicting these type of fights are very famous including Gladiator, Spartans etc. But here in Sindh which is the province of Pakistan, the people are very keen of watching these type of fights between dogs and pigs, dogs and bear. These types of fights are banned in Pakistan by Government law but still there are certain areas of Sindh, where these fights actually take place.

The animals’ rights organization WWF working here in Pakistan but it is not taking action against this kind torture to the animals just for the fun of certain people. The locals of these region say that the police officials are being bribed for certain bucks that are collection from this battle by collecting the money from the visitors/audience (100 rupees per individual). Even today the media came to attend this show and asked certain questions from the locals but they were like, it feels these guys don’t have any feelings or sentiments for these innocent animals and they were enjoying it.

Here is the exclusive video which shows the fight between dogs and pig:

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