The Computer doesn’t turn ON, only red LED blinking [How to]

computer doesn't  turn on only red led blinking

The world says that desktop computers are thousand times better and faster than the laptop computer, because they are easy to use, and for other reason you are yourself judge to it.

Besides this, it also screw you up when it gets problems. The problems are easy to be troubleshooted like, most of the problems can be solved by removing, cleaning and then again inserting the RAM into its slots can resolve many problems of the desktop computer. But what, if your computer can be troubleshooted by using this easy trick, then there are other solutions which can be easily learned and implemented onto your desktop to resolve problems.

It is really annoying when using a desktop computer, when unexpected things occur. We really want to through it out of the window. Working on the desktop computers is very interesting and it provides fast access, as compare to laptops. So, many people around the world rely to work on their Desktop Computers. There are many unexpected issues, errors occur when we work on desktop computers.


We come to know a common problem in our society from some of our users. So, today we are sharing the trick and solution to solve following problem:

Your Computer doesn’t turn ON, only red LED blinking?


Simple Solution:

1. Unplug all the wires, and plug them again properly.

2. Unmount the RAM, and rub it with the cotton or any cloth properly and mount it again.

3. Take out the CMOS battery cell, and put it again on its right place.

4. Make sure all the wires of hard disk and processor are plugged properly and tightly.

5. Turn on your PC…..

Here you go, enjoy using your desktop by playing games on it.

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