Earn Money with Mobincube

Today people are earning thousands of dollars through different ways on internet. One of good and guaranteed way is to to earn money through mobile applications. You can put ads on your apps using google’s Admob service.

So, do you want to earn from mobile apps? Don’t worry if you are not a developer or never written a single line of code in life. Yes, still you can built nice mobile applications and monetize them to earn money online. You definitely be thinking how? Answer is Mobincube. Yes, now everyone can earn money with mobincube.

earn money with mobincube

Mobincube gives you an easy way to build very good mobile applications freely through already given templates. You can chose templates and customize them to your requirements. Template customization is just very easy through tools given by mobincube. Earning money is now just matter of few steps by mobincube as chose template, customize or build, test, publish and monetize.

Once you app is ready you can preview it by downloading and installing in you phone through download link or QR code generated.

Here are few examples of apps built with mobincube you can download and install them on your android phone.

Note: Before downloading and installing them you have confirm that you device allows the installation from unknown sources.

To confirm:

step 1: go to Settings and navigate to unknown sources option.

step 2: Tap the checkbox and then OK on the confirmation popup.

Example Mobincube Applications: 

1. Alphabet Flash Cards 

Download link: http://mobincube.mobi/38SL65

2. Eid Mehndi Designs 2015

Download Link: http://mobincube.mobi/38SRQF

3. Sindhi Newspapers Online

Download Link: http://mobincube.mobi/38W68Y


The most interesting thing here is you can render you application for any platform either android, ios or windows. Mobincube not only lets you to publish your app on mobincube store but on other market places like android market places play store, amazon app store, app store and windows phone market place. So don’t waste time go and signup to mobincube and earn money with mobincube.

Thanks to Mobincube.