World’s Most Sold BlackBerry Application Created with Pakistan’s Technology

most sold blackberry application

The Computer science and technology increases day by day and many companies are out there which contribute in this field.

Blackberry is one of the companies who are known to be giant in this field of technology. It is very much famous for building electronic good (Handheld devices) i.e.pages, tablets, smart phones etc besides this it also develops its own operating system.

It had a good good age of business but was pushed backward as the market was invaded by the smart phones of other companies having different and new Operating system (android, iOS etc).

World’s most sold Blackberry application is brought to you by Pakistani Technology which has helped Blackberry to create the world’s most sold Photo Editing Application. After selling this kind of software by the Pakistan’s Technology Firmware, it can be the Gold partner of Blackberry’s made application or self Blackberry. The owners of this firmware which is located in Lahore they say that this firmware will make Pakistanis to be entered in all kind of IT Fields.

The application is also available in free version at

Owner and Product Manager named Mahe Zohra says that;

“This Blackberry photo editor software will be very profitable for the whole Pakistani IT Industry. And we know that this software is only the one in the world which is such kind of application”

With this you can Crop, Rotate, Adjust Brightness, Adjust Contrast, Re-Color and Re-Size photos easily as per your choice and make them as beautiful as you want and within your Blackberry handset.

The company named Five Rivers which was established in 2003, has given birth to its new subsidiary and it has got many applications of iPhone,  Android, BlackBerry and other smartphones which are a really awarding the Pakistan.

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