Bangladesh will be no longer a Muslim Official State

After the attacks on the minorities living inside Bangladesh, the officials of the country have decided to drop the Bangladesh official religion which is Islam from their country – reported by Times of India.

The minorities living in the Bangladesh includes Christians, Hindus and Muslim minority Shiites have faced a lot of attacks on them. The attacks are believed to be carried by the extremists of Islam.

Bangladesh will no longer be Muslim State

The Daily Mail has reported that:

The Supreme Court of Bangladesh is hearing a huge number of votes in removing and dropping Islam from the official religion of the country.

Islam is among the most accepted and top religion of the world. It is an official religion of Bangladesh since 1988. The minorities leaders of the country argue against the Islam being the official religion of the intended country.

Bangladesh population:

90% population of Bangladesh is Muslim, 8% are Hindus while only 2% is of minority religion followers are living in.

Huge number of people are murdered and killed in the past few months. The party named as Jamatul Mujahedeen Bangladesh and Ansarullah Bangla Team are believed to do bomb attacks and killings of many innocent Bangladesh’s minorities.