Watch Apple’s March 9 Event Live

Watch Apple March 9 Event

Apple inc. is launching bulky amount of electronic consumer devices day by day. The CEO of Apple named Tim Cook who interviewed to the Telegraph about launching an incredible feature in the Apple Watch that will replace your car keys or any other.

Read here: Apple Watch will replace your car keys – says CEO of Apple

This feature will be announced at the event taking place at San Francisco along with the other notifications about Apple device.

In order to listen and watch live feed of the upcoming Apple’s March 9 event (will start at 10 AM PT), you guys need to have is:

  1. Apple’s dedicated live event site
  2. An Apple device
    1. Recent version of Safari browser running on OS X or on iOS.

You guys can watch this event live on Apple TV if you have.

NOTE: Apple TV should be of second or third generation device with Apple TV OS v 6.2 or higher.

Meet you guys there and don’t forget to come back here and give feedback of what you liked or not.

Source: TechCrunch

Apple Watch will replace your car keys – says CEO of Apple

apple watch replacing car keys-amazing features

Apple inc. is the technology giant that produces many electronics gadgets like smart phones, computers, tablets, smart watches and much more.

Now it’s time to replace your car keys with these incredible gadgets says Tim Cook. The CEO Tim Cook of the Apple inc. said to The Telegraph that the Apple Watch will now replace your car keys.

He is preparing the world about the next launch of the Apple Watch, which is going to be shown at an event taking place on Monday 9th March at the Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco.

Tim Cook said that the Apple Watch was only being bought for fashion and looks, that’s why we work hard to introduce some more features that are more useful and worth that watch.

The smart watches are abundant now in the market and offering the same features over all but now Apple Watch will replace not only the car keys but can replace all other keys. The smart home platform operators, public transit corporations, hotels, airlines are taking interest in this communication which will take place between the device worn by the client and consumer.

4 Products of Apple that might rock the market

4 Apple Products that might rock the market

Apple inc. is well-know giant company that develops, designs and sells electronic gadgets, personal computers, online services and computer software. Besides it is known for variety of products including: line of computer – Macintosh systems i.e. iMac, iPhone, iPod and iPad tablet computers. It is the second largest company that also gives enormous online services as well.

Today, we talk some of the 4 products that seem to rock the consumer electronic market.

Apple iPad Air 2 Image

Apple iPad Air 2:

iPad Air 2 is the lightest and thinnest approx. 18% from the previous version. This thing is more powerful than your imagination of what a tablet can do.

This iPad will change your experience about the iPads you have ever seem as it covers multiple fields of applications.

Gadget named Apple iPad Air 2 comes with A8X high speed processor that will allow the users to load and enjoy the heavy graphics games and applications in a glance.

Its Price is from $499.

Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus Image

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus:

iPhone 6 is bigger than you think and thinner as well. It came along with the iPhone 6 Plus in the market. The Apple iPhone 6 is here with smooth metal surface which provides you the Retina HD display. It’s screen size is 4.7 inches smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus which is 5.5 inches. iPhone 6 is really thinner with the dimensions of 6.9 mm while the iPhone 6 Plus having 7.1 mm thin and slick dimension that will make you feel a sleek metal feel.

It’s not just larger but came with better Retina HD display handling 1334 x 750 for iPhone while iPhone 6 Plus having 1920 x 1080 large resolution.

The processor makes it more powerful than you think as it is having A8 chip based upon 64-bit microprocessor architecture and M8 motion coprocessor.

iSight Camera is based upon new sensor which gives you features like: 1080 HD at 60fps and also let you capture slow motion videos.

Its Price is from $199.

Apple Watch Image

Apple Watch:

This is the Apple Watch which comes with the 3 different instinctive colors having amazing features like:

It gives you Timekeeping.

Apple Watch provides you amazing ways to connect using messages, voice calls, emails etc – also can record your heart beats.

Fitness and health is easy with this watch – its measure with three rings detecting different positions of you including: Move, Exercise and Stand.

It comes with different belts.

Digital crown allows you to zoom the contents on the screen.

Apple iMac Image

Apple iMac:

This iMac has 27-inch screen dimensions and comes with 5K display giving you high brightness and advanced image quality. It display comes with 14.7 pixels lighted up for better quality using low power consumption technology.


Image courtesy by: Apple, slashgear