Enable turn-by-turn voice guide in Google Maps – How to

Google maps is the application which contains world map and navigational support for the user wishing to locate himself or want to travel from one location to another.

It helps the intended user to find the current location, a desired destination or can use the feature of direction which guides the user with certain information and the path from its current location to the desired destination.

Recently, Google has introduced the turn-by-turn voice guide in its Google maps for Pakistani users a week ago.

The guide is amazing with the feature of darkness all around the map, and it only highlights the path or line which guides you to travel from current location to desired destination. It also guides you with the voice to take left or to take right turn when it is needed.

From this feature, the blind people can also take advantage as it will behave as a voice enabled guide for the disabled persons in Pakistan.

Currently, the Google voice guide in navigation is a beta version and can easily be activated or used by the user who have a latest version of Google Maps installed in his/her smartphone.

Here, we will try to guide you about: how to enable the turn-by-turn voice guide in Google Maps in a very simple and easy to follow steps. Just follow them to active that feature.

How to enable voice guide in Google Maps:

Step 1: First of all, open the google maps in your android smartphone. You will get the below screen.

google maps voice guide

Step 2: On the screen above, you can find a big blue circle button containing right arrow which will help you to get directions from your current position to desired location. When you click it, you will get the below screen.

google maps voice guide turn by turn

Step 3: From the above screen, you can find Choose location box. Click on it and type the destination where you want to go or want the google maps to give you directions.Direction from current location to destination

Step 4: From the above screen, you can see i have typed nasim nagar in the box and hit it. You will get the screen as shown above, and then click on the button which is blue colored and containing the UP arrow, hit it to get the below screen.

how to enable voice turn by turn google maps guide

Here we are, this is the google maps voice guide which will guide you turn by turn in Pakistan.

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Angry Birds 2: Angry Birds Are Back With More Anger


If you were in search of minimalist, tiny but interesting game you certainly come across the angry birds. I remember the age when i first time bought my android smart phone and accessed the google play, i downloaded the angry birds game to enjoy my free time.

This game has a record of most downloads with a lot of other stuff having angry birds printed on it i.e t-shirts, shirts, mobile phone cases, kids toys etc. Now it is in market with another trend and most probably it will have much download breaking its own record and might again be on gadgets you will find angry birds with more anger.

Angry Birds 2 comes up with more levels to pass with more interesting levels coming a head containing amazing adventures and graphics. This angry game equipped with more birds you can choose from to demolish the forts and buildings.

More Spells to assure you pass the level successfully with no more linearity which means if you come across the same level multiple times you will get a new fort design to ruin or to smash down.

This is much angry version of Angry Birds by Rovio which comes a Arena level to compete with the World Wide competitors by making higher and highest score.

It’s free to be downloaded on your Android or iOS phones

Download Links:

Android: Click Here

iOS: Click Here

Asia is leading lover of Android: Holding 46 percent of global usage

Every second when an android is sold, the buyer is Asian”, this has been told by one of the world’s largest programmatic and computerized mobile advertisement platform named AppFlood having all the market intelligence regarding mobile advertisement. The quarterly statistical report of 2014 has been released by this giant.

android is leading lover of android 1

In the global quarterly statistical report of 2014, it has been increased by 30 percent as compared to previous quarter of 2014. The more interesting thing is that, it has got gigantic increase like 1095 percent as compared to last year in 2013.

The countries of Asia and Latin America are not only getting rapid adaptation of the new technologies, but also the latest trends and culture. In Asia, the Pakistan is like ruling this continent as they developing their own android smart phones at a enormous speed.

android is leading lover of android 2

The Samsung’s android-based smart phones are much cheap and hard to be bought by the Asian mobile users. Other famous companies named as Huawei, Sony, HTC are out of the range of common users but here comes the role National android smart phone manufactures. They build android-based smart phones considering their GDP and currency rates.

In Pakistan, the QMobile plays a vital role to provide android-based smart phones to all the people inside Pakistan as it considers both locals of the country including rich and poor too.

Voice, GFive and VGOTel are also famous companies of Pakistan that also take place to provide this type of smart phones (containing android) to all the type of users and people.

If we consider India, there are also many national companies that provide android-based smart phones focusing on the their currency and all the locals.

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images source ( AppFlood )

BBM on Google Playstore: Might be the reason facebook owns whatsApp!

BBM on Google Playstore for Free Now

BBM on Google playstore

Yes now BlackBerry Messenger BBM can be used on your android and iOS phones. This great internet-based instant messaging service will definitely effect other instant messaging services because there are 18 million BlackBerry user all around the world but remaining other users of android and iphone were unable to use BBM on their devices because BBM uses the BlackBerry PIN system, so communication was only possible between BlackBerry devices. Now there is no such restriction of platform so millions of other android and iOs users may go for BBM. Now one question arises here if majority of hand held device users go for BBM now which is more reliable, secure and authenticated one Who will go for facebook?

I thought for answers for this questions and got many more but one answer could be this “If facebook buys similar enough service of internet based instant messaging then it can maintain its enough users to keep using it.”

What do you think, can this be a reason that Facebook owns WhatsApp now?

Please share your views in comment without any hesitation.

BBM for android can be downloaded from Google playstore.


Intel powered Android Tablet DreamTab announced by Fuhu

If someone has the Intel powered Android tablet, that means the guy owns a much better gadget that is because Intel is giant and pioneer in manufacturing of the processors. Normally, there are few numbers of Intel powered Android tablets available in the market.


Intel powered Android Tablet just announced by Fuhi named DreamTab


Fuhu Inc., a  Japan based company doubled up with the Intel Corporation to power its new range of tablets named DreamTab with Intel Atom processors. DreamTab, a tablet for children’s educational purpose will be released soon spring hopefully in June, for kids aging 4 to 7 years.


DreamTab3-Intel powered Android Tablet



DreamTab3-Intel powered Android Tablet


Technically, DreamTab will be equipped with  Intel® Atom™ Z3740, a 64 bit enabled processor code named (Bay Trail), specially designed for high quality graphics, games, powerful processing and low power consumption enhancing the battery timing.


DreamTab3-Intel powered Android Tablet


This Intel powered Android Tablet has many features like parents can control what a child can see or use. Can you believe? but it is true. Parents can also lock or unlock different features on the device. This Intel powered Android Tablet DreamTab allows kids-safe photo sharing, Email and other services like texting, etc., which parents can track through their mobile devices. The about to release Intel powered Android Tablet is having custom built nabi play app, through which kids can learn different basic programming techniques through interactive animations etc. And watch different cartoons like Disney and Nick. Additionally, the App Zone and Treasure box features allows kids and parents to download and buy different games and apps from the Internet. Moreover, with the preinstalled educational multiplayer game school of dragons, which kids can use to train their dtagon.

Furthermore, The Intel Atom Z370 processor has 2MB of L2 cache, 4 cores allowing 4 threads to run, hence enabling the multi tasking.

A word about Fuhu : Fuhu Inc. the creator of nabi tablet series for kids.  Fuhu, Inc. is the No. 1 Fastest-Growing Private Company amongst 5,000 in America as ranked by Inc.’s exclusive 32nd Inc. 500|5000 list.


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