Sir Christopher Lee died at 93

Sir Christopher Lee died at 93

According to the various sources, Sir Christopher Lee dies at age of about 93. Sir Christopher lee appeared in various famous characters of Dracula, Saramon, and Pakistan’s founder Quaid e Azam Muahammad Ali Jinnah. He was basically a British actor, enjoyed a happy career of about 70 Years. He appeared in more than 200 movies, and also was winner of prestigious Academic Fellowship in 2011.Jinnah-1998-Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Many actors and celebrities from the media and film world including James Franco, James Bond and Omid Djalili have shown their grave concerns on the death of this great actor. He just was preparing to start filming his next movie, in which Umma Therman was also working as a co-star. He appeared in Dracula, The Lords of the Rings, Star Wars and Glorious 39. Mark Sparrow tweeted that, Sir Christopher Lee was married for 53 years. When asked for the secret of a long-lived marriage, he replied: “Marry someone wonderful.”Jinnah-Christopher Lee

Although, he started with horror movie acting, but later on he shifted his characters towards fantasy and other things. UK’s prime minister also expressed his grief over Christopher death on his twitter account.


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