Side effects of cold drinks for women

Side effects of cold drinks for women

Side effects of cold drinks have been found very hilarious and dangerous for the women as per described in the new research. Just only Women?? Read out below.

As we know that the research going on nowadays is very faster than ever before, because this is the era of modern technology. New research has been done in the Cubic’s Lawall Univeristy which is situated in Canada about the side effects of cold drink for women.

This research describes that excess usage of sugar juices and cold drinks for women can be harmful. The maximum amount of cold drinks can be taken is 3, if more than that is used for a long time than it can cause BREAST Cancer. YES! Breast Cancer.

It is very much clearly described in this research that excessive usage of sweats for the ladies strengthen the cell and can cause broadness in the chest which will finally result into the breast cancer.

Women having more than 3 cold drinks a week can be the victim of breast cancer, because of increase in the gland’s cells. Thirty percent (30%) women can be victim of this dangerous thing.


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