Samsung S7 and S7 Edge Hidden Features and Secrets

If we talk about technology giants, then Samsung is the one we all have heard about. It has been very successful in all productions from the day it has been initiated. The smart phones rank first in selling products of Samsung because it enriches them with a lot of features and under affordable prices.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

The “S” series of Samsung got boost by launching newer models. The latter models of Samsung competed its former ones because it tried to give more and more features than its previous models. iPhone and Samsung’s “S” series has always been in tough competition as everyone knows very well. The competition reached its high peaks while launch of S6 by Samsung and iPhone 6S of Apple. The Samsung S6 gave a tough competition to its competitors specially Apple by revolutionizing the way it was making smartphones. They replaced the rough and dull plastic with metal and glass as Apple and HTC are doing from years in order to prove itself a good smartphone producer. This product really pulled something of Renaissance and pushed Samsung to think out of a box. But they lacked behind some of the features such as expandable memory, water resistant, processing speed, poor battery life etc

Now Samsung’s new Flagships Samsung S7 and S7 Edge launched to rock the market. The both models have filled the blanks which were left empty by previous model which was Samsung S6.

The blanks are only filled” it means new flagship has borrowed shape from S6 along with some refinements and improvements. Most of the article writers are saying that it will be best smartphones of all the time. Let’s see how:


Samsung S7 and S7 Edge Shape and Design:

Samsung S7 has borrowed shape from S6 but with few modifications which will make this flagship a bit more beautiful and attractive, easier to hold and pick from table or flat surface, has a flatter fingerprint sensor and reduced its camera hump. The sides of the smartphone are made curved which will make it easier to be picked up from any flat surface.

Samsung S7 and S7 Edge expandable memory

Samsung S7 and S7 supports extended memory:

Though, Samsung S6 was not supporting expandable memory but this feature is contained in both Samsung S7 versions.

Improved Processing Ability:


Processing ability of this flagship has been improved because they both come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 (for US only) and Exynos (for international).


From the stumbles of S6, it now comes with 4GB RAM which will give you improved experience of multiple applications running at a time.

Samsung S7 and S7 Edge Display

Best Dimensions with Great Display:

Samsung has blessed this smartphone with best dimensions. It is neither too much large nor too small but it is 5.1″ inches quad HD Super AMOLED display which enables this gadget to be held and used easily with one hand.

samsung-galaxy-s7 water resistant

Water and Dust Resistance:

The Samsung S6 annoyances have been overcome with the feature of IP68 waterproofing and dust resistance. Through this feature, Samsung S7 and S7 Edge can be resist water level up to 1.5 meters and for 30 minutes.

No Fussy Ports:

You don’t have to be worried too much because there are no fussy ports in your smartphone but only sealed and waterproof ports. The Micro-SD cards can inserted into the same tray where SIM cards are inserted. It also supports Google VR headset with USB Type – C.

S7 Games

Gaming Optimization:

Samsung S7 and S7 Edge are best for those who are crazy about games. It features great display with suitable screen dimensions and one amazing feature is Vulkan API (application program interface) which will reduce the take on battery life while gaming.

First smartphone to use Vulkan API:

Vulkan is the application program interface that is supported by most of the modern PCs and gaming consoles. Samsung’s flagship is first one to support Vulkan API across all smartphones that will improve battery timings and processing utility more improved.

Furthermore, gamers can record their game playing for later playback.

S7 water proof tube

Water Tube Coolant Inside:

Incredible Gadget is featured with “thermal spreader” which is inside your phone. It is 0.4mm thick tube containing water which will work like a coolant tube to cool processor when heated.

Working Edged Parts:

Moreover, there is another feature in the smartphone. It consists of edged parts and these parts provide you shortcuts multiple applications like emails, different photo modes and other third-party applications.

S7 camera low light result

DSLR Feature (dual pixel autofocus):

Firstly, Canon introduced this amazing feature of dual pixel autofocus but now this is first smartphone to get this feature. “Dual pixel autofocus” enables Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Edge to record both the focusing and taking images rather than one at a time. It will also help in taking quick photographs of stills without the need of focusing before recording images and also will deliver smooth focus tracking in video modes.

This amazing feature was only limited to Japanese DSLR firm and other Cinema cameras. So, we can say that Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Edge is the first smartphone to have dual pixel autofocus feature in the smartphones market.

Secondly, they both have bigger aperture of f/1.7 rather than f/1.9 which will let 25% more light to consumed. Low-light photos can be captured with accuracy because of bigger pixels and even without the need of flash light.

Samsung Gear

Virtual Reality Camera:

In contract with Facebook Oculus division, Samsung has also introduced 360-degree camera which will enable users to film the footage of wedding or any occasion and watch it as playback in their virtual reality headset.

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