Samsung Galaxy Note 4 got the same problem as Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Seoul: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has got the same problem as Apple iPhone 6 Plus as discovered and mentioned in a video on YouTube.

It was really a nasty and shocking news to be heard about Apple iPhone 6 Plus when YouTube user named Unbox Therapy belonging to Canada uploaded a video showing the iPhone 6 plus crooked after applying a certain strain on it.

Same issue has been found in Samsung Galaxy Note 4 by the same YouTube user. He told that this smart phone is also crooked or bent on certain strain as the place to be crooked is same as disclosed by Unbox Therapy YT user for iPhone 6 Plus.

The crookedness of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 upon strain is at the same position following the volume control buttons, though it is better than iPhone 6 Plus as this smart phone has the ability to restore back to its initial shape. iPhone 6 plus cannot restore its initial shape as Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can have.



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