Reddit Lauched An Awesome App For AMAs To Browse Interviews Easily

reddit-new-app-for-AMAsReddit: It has launched an app for AMAs to browse interviews easily SRC

The Reddit has got the feature of AMAs (Ask Me Anything) but it was not so much attractive and easy to use. When it got the interviews from the very known personalities Obama took participation in 2012. It boosted Reddit’s repo: and gradually many of the famous personality including Bill Gates took part in it.

Now Reddit has launched its official application for AMAs to browse Interviews easily as sometimes these AMAs can be pushed back by huge and massive contents uploaded daily.

Let me introduce you to Reddit, if you are new one:

Reddit is very famous and well-known entertainment, news and social media networking site in which users do submit their stories and they register themselves in the communities and submit their contents i.e images, videos, direct links and text posts. It also give them the facility of submission of votes i.e. up and down, and on behalf of votes the posts are pulled up and pushed down. There are multiple categories for these contents or interests known as “subreddits”.


Reddit AMAs layout and Use:

This application is also beautified with the eye-catchy interface containing the thumbnails along with descriptions. You can click on these thumbnails to check: Who is being interviewed? What is being interviewed? What type of questions being asked? What answers are given on that question or still the question is unanswered.

Reddit AMAs contains the easy to use layout having toggle facility to switch between hot, recent or all-time-popular AMAs and list will show up accordingly.

It is currently for iOS smart phone but will be shortly available for Android. Click Here۔



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