PHP 7 Error Handling Changes From Alpha 1 to Alpha 2 Release

PHP 7 is new version of PHP introduced on 12th June, 2015 include many more new features, modifications and corrections to errors. PHP 7 also include new version of Zend Engine with a lot of features such as fast speed, consistency, easy error handling, unnecessary SAPIs and extensions deprecation and much more. If you find any bug or incompatibility in alpha release 2 you can report here easily.


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PHP developers community has recently released alpha 2 versions of PHP 7 on 25 June, 2015 which also has done many changes from previous alpha 1 version released on 12 June, 2015. The major changes done from alpha 1 to alpha 2 are in Exception hierarchy and about 25 bug fixes done

I have discovered few changes made in php 7 error handling from alpha 1 to alpha 2 release which I have discussed in following points.

1. In alpha 2 release the base class for exception heirarchy named BaseException in alpha release 1 will now be of no use because there will be two separate classes for exception Exception and Error.

2. The fatal errors and recoverable errors were throwing an EngineException in alpha release 1 but now they will throw an Error intstead.
The Error class is separate class from Exception class so these fatal and recoverable error exceptions will not be caught by existing try and catch blocks.

3. ParseError is new class which extends Error class. The parser kind of errors were generating a ParseException which was subclass of BaseException in previous alpha 1 release but now will generate ParseError.

4. Alpha 2 introduces the new Throwable interface and new RFCs are also included for Throwable Interface.

Hope this short article will be most knowledgeable with respect to awareness regarding changes made in error handling in PHP 7 alpha releases.

If you have any suggestion and view please let me know in comments that will be pleasure for me to discuss. Thanks!


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