Pakistan Parliament is the first to run on solar panels

Parliament House Pakistan runs on solar energy

Pakistan Parliament gets the number one and becomes the first legislative house that will use the solar energy to meet its electricity needs.

It will get the electricity from the solar panels plated on the roof of the Pakistan Parliament for its electricity needs and it will also supply the additional electricity to the national grid as well.

Before this, “Knesset” – the Israeli Parliament utilized this type of energy production for their electricity needs but they were only gaining 10 percent of electricity as their backup or secondary source. But the primary source of power was conventionally produced electricity.

Amount of solar energy produced by the solar panels installed at the roof of the Pakistan Parliament can produce total of 80 MWs of electricity. However, the parliament building will only consume 64 MWs  and the surplus/excessive energy that is 16 MWs will be supplied to the national grid.

From Friday, the National Assembly building was consuming the energy produced by these solar panels. Hence, they were not consuming the energy from the national grid but even that they were supplying 16 MWs to it.

Net Metering System has been provided to the National Assembly by the Water and Power Ministry officials, which will calculate the amount of electrical energy provided to national grid. From this way, the National Assembly will generate a fine amount of revenue.

Furthermore, the Net Metering System will also be available for Pakistani citizens, through which they will sell their surplus energy to the government.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chinese President Xi Jinping have collaboratively inaugurated this project when Mr. Xi Jinping visited Islamabad last year.

Total amount of energy needed by Pakistan:

  • 15,000 MWs

Shortage of energy in Pakistan:

  • 3,000 MWs


From 2015, the Government of Pakistan has taken sufficient steps towards the prosperity of this motherland and to overcome the energy crisis which it is facing. They have installed first solar production unit in Cholistan named as “Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park” which was producing approximately 100 MWs of electrical energy.

quaid e azam solar park

Syed Abubakar who is an award winning expert and an Environmental Journalist said that:

“Projects like Parliament’s are an indication of government’s commitment towards renewable energy. We expect it would install more solar plants to meet energy needs”


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