Online Scanning of Download Links and File from Viruses


The Malwares, Spywares and Viruses are rapidly spreading, and you want to know before downloading the file that it is infected or not, isn’t that? and can it infect my computer?

Even though my computer has been infected from such viruses, malwares many times. That’s why I did research and come to know that there are some browser extensions available that checks for these headaches prior to downloading.

If you became victim of such malwares, viruses, spywares ever in your life, then you are here at the right place to get rid of these bad bugs. So, for this purpose i gone through the surfing and came to know a link checker which is totally best of best.

Online Scanning of Download links and files made easy with:

Dr.Web Antivirus Link Checker:

Dr.Web Antivirus Link Checker is my favorite tool which is a browser extension As soon as you download and install it, there comes and option in the contextual menu of your hyperlink, it is visible to you when you right click your required hyperlink.
scan links and files


  • This is a browser extension, which is not only used for Firefox. The services of Dr.Web Antivirus Link Checker are available to the users of Opera and Internet Explorer also from the official Dr. Web’s website.


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