Favicon only appears on homepage not other sub pages [WordPress]

Favicon are used to beautify your themes of websites and blogs. Try to create your own and unique favicon icon that attracts users to open up your site again and again.

(HINT for favicon design: Try to create a 2D, simple and elegant favicon having one, two or can have utmost 3 colors, not more than that because it will give a rude look)

We agree that favicons are very necessary and play a vital role to beautify or give look to your website and also we have developed it.

After implementation of favicon, it appears on the main page only and not on all the pages – I mean that favicon does not appear on sub pages.

What is the SOLUTION for this problem or issue?

Hello Crispy Users… Are you having the favicon problem? Are you guys browsing the answer to this question?

How to show favicon on homepage and all other sub pages?

Don’t worry we have come with a very easiest method based on single step to solve this problem. We know favicon is very important to beautify your Website or WordPress Blog. If it is appearing only on the homepage but not all the pages, this becomes a bug in your blog.

Your site or blog must be bug free in order to attract a nice amount of traffic.

Note: If your favicon is only appearing on the homepage that means you have given the relative path. Check the method below:

You have added the code as below inside the head tag in the header.php

<link href="favicon.png" rel="shortcut icon">

Here is your mistake in the href value, for home it takes the “favicon.png” because it is in the same directory but for other pages it cannot find the “favicon.png”. So, change the href value to absolute path as given below:

<link href="http://www.yourwebsite.com/favicon.png" rel="shortcut icon">

Here you go, it is done. Any other question and queries? Feel free to ask in comments.


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