New Zealanders seizing car keys from tourists


Few decades ago, the New Zealand government rejected the planned underground train project. They are paying off this decision nowadays, in shape of terrible terrific jams specially in Auckland Central and CBD region. Due to this, government is trying to promote and trying to encourage the use of the public transports. However, due to import of low price cars from Japan, the problem is sustaining and increasing day by day.

Recently, the traffic jams in Auckland have been day mare for the local residents. This is especially true in the traffic hours from 7-9am and from 4 to 6pm. In summer, the foreign tourists have also been creating problems. Since, they did not know much about the driving in New Zealand have caused serious issues.

New Zealanders have been pissed off of tourist drivers after several deadly accidents involving foreigners in the past month, and now they’re taking enforcement into their own hands. In the past week, about one driver a day has confronted another driver and confiscated his or her keys, according to The New Zealand Herald.

The terrible jams are usually found at state highway 1 (SH1) from south to Auckland CBD and from North to Auckland CBD and from West to Auckland CBD (SH16). Although there is a great network of roads and motorways but it is insufficient to fulfill the transportation requirements.

According to Mashable, there were 75% road accidents recorded and blamed on foreign drivers in 2013.

The officials have tried to improve the traffic law enforcements by forging some of the laws but the civilians of New Zealand blamed most of the Chinese tourists.

Education will lead to improved road traffic and it’s the only solution besides the traffic rules.

Source: The Mashable


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