Microsoft OneDrive Business Storage Jumps To 1TB

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Microsoft today announced that it has increased the OneDrive storage for business users from 25GB to 1 Tera Byte (1TB) at $15.00 per month and help companies to transfer their data to OneDrive. The same benefit is for Office 365 ProPlus users. Microsoft OneDrive Business Storage competing the cloud market.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive Business Storage:

OneDrive for businesses through a separate agreement earlier this month, aggressive only $ 5 per user per month price, then quickly cuts the rate in half for a promotional period. This fee of $ 2.50 per head will continue through September, with the increase of the memory allocation.

Right now, Microsoft is only charging an introductory price of $2.50 per user per month for one year of OneDrive for Business, though the company says that will increase to $5 per user per month in October.

Now grab this great facility for your business by Microsoft OneDrive Business Storage. (SRC)

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