Microsoft decides to end Internet Explorer – Browser


Washington: Technology giant Microsoft has decided to end the browser which has revolutionized the browsing experience 20 years ago named Internet explorer”

It is really shocking news and somehow a good news for the designers who were totally screwed up from this internet explorer in this new era of designing and development of web applications that Microsoft decides to end Internet explorer and introduce a new browser named “Spartan” in next operating system Windows 10.

However, the internet explorer in short IE will not be deleted on permanent basis but Windows 10 will come with a new browser “Spartan” with additional features and it will the default browser in that OS.

It is being confirmed by the marketing manager of Microsoft named Chris Capossela that the IE will be available to enterprises and individuals with no any changes but we are stopping to launch any additional versions of it. However, a new browser will be added in the next OS with will make individuals, designers, developers and enterprises happy with its amazing features.


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