Make Money with Affiliate Marketing using ClickBank


What is Click Bank?

ClickBank is a company which serves as a platform for the vendors or advertisers to promote their business (products and services) and the affiliates, like you and me to make money by promoting their potential products on the giant mega retailer, i.e., the Internet. It is similar like the PayDotCom, but not exactly the same. It works a bit different in the terms of the payments schedule to the affiliates and using the affiliate links. We shall explain this in detail in the following post.
ClickBank, had been a great source of the easy income and earnings for the average people, who can not find good jobs or can not go out for searching or doing jobs or are not highly qualified to compete in the physical markets, e.g., home moms, retired people, students etc. Click Bank has been there since 1998 and is one of the founders of the affiliate marketing networks.
ClickBank has also the vast list of the vendour companies that are registered with it, like PayDotCom, may be more than that.

Why Should You Select ClickBank for Affiliate Marketing

  • Click Bank is a secure channel for vendours and affiliates to make the combined earning.
  • It has more then 12000 registered and reliable vendour companies, with hundreds of the products from each.
  • It has more than 100,0000 active affiliates, who are making handsome income promoting the products, ranging from few dollars a day to few thousand dollars a day (Although it is difficult to believe but some top affiliates are making thousands of dollars per day with affiliate marketing).
  • It make you payment on every fortnights, for whatever sales you make through ClickBank.
  • The payment is never missing and you will always find the detailed tracking record of your sales and commission on daily and weekly basis.
  • Easy to select the products from the wide variety of products.

How to Sign up on ClickBank?

To make money with ClickBank, you need to sign up with click bank, by following steps:
  1. Click HERE to sign up to the ClickBank.
  2. It will show you the following page.
  3. Fill in the fields shown in the signup form. The fields with the * are mandatory, such as following:


Country: the country where you live presently, not you country of citizenship. This is the part of your address where your checks will be received.
Payee Name: You name to receive the payment. It should be noted that your payee name should be the same as shown in your Governments Photo Id, e.g., Passport or Social Security Number etc. Because this will be used to cashout the checks that you will receive.
Street/P.O Box: Your original home or office address, where you will receive the checks of your commission. City: The city where you live in present.
ZipCode/Postcode: the original post code of your area as the part of your address to receive your checks.
Your first and last name: For the contact purpose, in case you dont receive payment then ClickBank will resolve the issue with the vendour and contact to you if required.
Your email: Should be your valid email address.
Phone number: ClickBank usually contact by phone, for resolving the issues related to the payments or commission. You should provide your real contact, no matter landline or mobile phone number, but it should be real. Don’t worry click bank does not leak any of your personal information. It follows the privacy rules strictly.
Account Nick name: could be any nick name, that should be the mixture of from 5 to 10 character and digits. Please note that this will appear in you affiliate links, so you should select a good nickname.
Note: You should read the Terms and Conditions before signup.
Click on “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions” and then click on “Submit” button.

Understanding the ClickBank Homepage

Once you signu, successfully, you will be sent a Confirmation Code and confirmation link in your email. You will need to click that link to goto the Login page. Note that for the time being your confirmation code will be your password. You can change this password later one to another easier one, which you can remember easily.
1. Click the Confirmation Link in your email to goto login page of Click Bank
2. Enter your nickname and password: (Note: Your password is your confirmation link)
3. Once you login successfully, you will be taken to the Home page, which looks like following:
4. This page shows the users nickname and the detailed track of your sales. It shows the sales of your last five weeks in summary in form of Table. It also shows the detailed sales of last two weeks. Imagine how excited will you be, if you see some of your sales and the total amount written in these fields instead of 0.00$. Lets think optimally that you can get it done, just follow our guidelines and instruction carefully and stay determined..
5. There are following Tabs: Account Settings, Reporting, Resources and Help Center. I suggest not to go into them in details, since you will learn all those with the time. However in Account Settings you can change you password to your own selected one.

How to Select Companies for Click Bank

  1. Click on the Link “MarketPlace“, shown in the light grey color above these tabs.
  2. You will see the list of the categories on the left side of the page.
  3. Select the category of your choice and the list of the vendours companies will be shown in the center of the page. For example: selecting the category of “Art and Entertainment” will show the list of the companies: One of the such company is described as below in affiliate marketing.

SatelliteDirect – Highest Converting Tv To PC Product.

Earn 75% + Bonuses By Promoting The Leading Tv To PC Patent-pending Software. For More Information Please Visit Our Affiliate Page: Http://

Avg $/sale

Vendor Spotlight
| $29.69 | 75.0% | 95.0% | 546.49 | Arts & Entertainment : Film & Television
This shows the title, sale price of the product,short description and the other factors, which are helpful in deciding whether or not to promote this product. These are the following factors:
Total $/sale: The price value of the product. e.g., 29.69$ in above example.
Avg %/sale: Average commission per sale paid by the vendour, e.g., 75.% for this product.
% refd: The percentage of the referral made for this product.
Grav: This defines the short for Gravity. This defines the unique number of the affiliates who earned commission by referring to the customers on the internet by different means.
This is the most important factor, which helps you to decide selecting for a particular product or not.
Cat: The Category which this products belongs to.

Some Tips To Select Good Vendor Companies in ClickBank

To be successful in affiliate marketing, it is very important to choose the right products, which have greater turn out. We share the tips to select the vendors for you for successful affiliate marketing.
1. Select the companies from the category, which you are most interested in. This will help you in starting the proper campaign for your companies.
2. Do not select the companies with the high price value, but select a company with lower price values. For example, it is difficult for people to try a new product of worth 100$ price. Whereas, it is easy for people to select the product of 10 or 20 dollars.
3. Select a company with the low Total $/sale and higher Avg $/sale. For example, a vendor offering the 75% of 10$ will give you more earning than 50% of 20$.
4. The most important factor in selecting the companies for the affiliate marketing in the click bank is to use the factor “Gravity“. Select the companies with the higher value of the Gravity.
5. Finally, also look at the vendor’s website to see, whether the vendor has the professional looking and attractive website or not. Does that contains the testimonial and enough support online stuff.

How does the Affiliate Links Look Like in ClickBank?

In ClickBank the affiliate links are called the “HopLinks“. When you click on the “Promote” button. It will show you the page the enter your nickname and Tracking ID, which is only optional. The general format of the hoplink is shown below:
For example, the hoplink for above product is “”.
It is good to note down the hoplinks first into some notepad or wordpad etc and then use those in the campaign to start affiliate marketing.

How to Promote the Affiliate Links or Hop Links?

Affiliate marketing is all about to promote the Affiliate Links.

Can you also make money from ClickBank?

Most of the people are always skeptical about themselves that whether they are able to make money with ClickBank or not. Same may be the question in your mind as, “Am I really able to make money with the ClickBank Affiliate networking?”
The answer is yes of course, why not. Every one can do every thing. The only thing is to follow the guideline and stick to them and be determined.
Note: The more delay you make in taking decision more you loose the money. Therefore, it is simply the time for you to decide and take initiative.


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