Issue: Embedding Tweets not Working [With Solutions]


When i was writing post about “embedding twitter tweets inside post or website”, I was facing the same problem. I tried each and every method but i was unable to solve issue. I came across a variety of solutions and at last solved my problem.

So, it would be injustice with my users, that i don’t share the solutions of issues that really occur in the embedding tweets.

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Method 1:

There may be the problem of “https” when inserting the tweet link inside the post, try “http” instead.

Method 2:

If you are using the Prior version of WordPress 3.5, then you have to enable the auto-embed option from the Settings>>Media>>Auto Embeds.

Method 3:

Try to give the twitter tweet link in the [ embed ] link here [ /embed ]. Remove the spaces between the bracket and the embed keywords, as we have given to restrict it from execution.

Method 4:

  1. This method worked for me. Paste the below code in the “function.php” file.
function twitter_oembed($a) {
    $a['#http(s)?://(www\.)?*#i'] = array( '{format}', true);
    return $a;
  1. Now embed the twitter tweet in between embed as mentioned above.


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