How to know if a site is using WordPress or not

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Know if a site is using WordPress

If you are a web designer, developer or web enthusiast, you do browse and visit different web sites and when you come across a website having a design of your requirements, you really want to know if a site using WordPress or not.

Knowing about the website using WordPress technology increases your interest in WordPress.

So Here are some methods to know if a site is using WordPress.


Method #1:

It is really simple, search for “Powered by WordPress” in the footer of the website. If it is there, it means website is using WordPress.


Method #2:

Access the readme.html file of the website you are spying on, mostly websites have enabled them:

Find the file by:


Method #3:

Check if the site has “wp-admin” panel.

To do so, access url as:

If you can’t anything like this, then it must be:


Method #4:

Check out the meta tag, if you find the “Generator” meta tag.

Right click on the site to open its source code and search for the:

<meta name="generator" content="WordPress 3.2">
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